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Can you name my favorite movies based off of these Actor Hints?

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1. Jake Gyllenhaal takes advice from a creepy bunny.
2. A robot sends Keir Dullea beyond the realm of existence so that humans can be reborn.
3. A Russian ghost meets Sergei Dreiden in a museum, who leads him on a time traveling adventure.
4. Dustin Hoffman is worried about his future, so he dates a middle aged woman.
5. Samuel L. Jackson and several others get tangled up in a string of brutal crimes.
6. Orson Welles thinks it would be fun to run a newspaper.
7. Mark Hamill learns that it is his destiny to defeat James Earl Jones, so he begins by blowing up his ship.
8. Kevin Spacey is in love with a teenage girl, but is fed up with his suburban family.
9. Joaquin Phoenix is in love with a computer.
10. Michael Douglas has had it with society, so he kills some gangsters and buys himself breakfast.
11. Anthony Hopkins is having some friends for dinner.
12. Nobody expects Sylvester Stallone to win, but he tries his best to surprise everyone.
13. Colin Farrell is tired of waiting, but Brendan Gleeson enjoys the scenery.
14. Charlton Heston is just monkeying around.
15. Adam Sandler is violent, angry, and in love with Emily Watson.
16. Jamie Foxx wants his wife back, so Christoph Waltz helps him get revenge.
17. Brad Pitt competes with a French girl to kill Hitler with fire.
18. The government wants to cure Malcolm McDowell of his free will, to stop him from committing his heinous crimes.
19. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have some marriage issues, so Cruise joins a cult.
20. Jack Nance doesn't know what to do with his creepy alien baby.

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