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Finish The Elaine Quote: '...thank God I took off my heels and put on my _______ ________ _______'
What does Jerry call his favorite yellow shirt?
When Jerry calls in a bomb threat at Yankee Stadium, what day does he demand for fans?
Why was George fired at Pendant Publishing?
What would George drape himself in if it was socially acceptable?
Kramer's company where had an NYU student intern at
What does Jerry do that causes the Calvin Klein model to not return his calls?
What is Kramer's mothers name?
What is Kramer afraid of?
What is the title of the song that Elaine knew that got Mr. Pitt to hold woody woodpecker in the parade?
Elaine took Mr. Costanza's ______ _______ to read on the train
Elaine drives this man crazy, to the point of where he quits his job.
Elaine damages the slicer by cutting her what?
What was George's original job when the series started?
What was the off-Broadway play that George 'claimed' he wrote to impress the NBC executives?
What does Kramer exchange for Cuban cigars after he lost the original cigars in the fire?
George told the Ross's that he had bought a house in the __________.
Kramer has two fake characters, Dr. Van Nostrand and _______________
Jerry drops his girlfriends toothbrush in the toilet, in turn she puts his ________ into the toilet
What is the 'dirty' comment Jerry says that causes Sandra to storm out of the apartment?

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