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What Company does George work for, where they think he's handicapped
What is George's fake profession?
What hat did Elaine wear to the Yankees game?
What's the first thing the gang did when they found out Susan died?
What high school did George and Jerry go to?
George keeps accidentally winking at everyone because a piece of ______ flew into his eye.
Where does Jerry end up finding Morty's 'stolen wallet'?
Who is Kramer's short friend?
What was the name of Jerry's sitcom for NBC?
What state did Kramer help represent in the Miss America Pageant?
What does George want to name his first child?
_______ the Caddy
What person causes Elaine lose in 'The Contest'
Where does Jerry's parents live? (not the state)
What temperature did Kramer's hot tub drop to after the heat pump broke?
How does Jerry answer the people who ask him to run in the race?
Fill in the blank. 'Oh yeah? Well the _____ _____ called, they're running out of you!
Who were the hosts of the show Kramer appeared on after a successful release of his Coffee Table Book?
What does Kruger give George for a nickname?
What soup does Kramer tell Elaine to get for him?

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