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Can you name the missing words from these famous American sports calls?

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Incomplete callMissing wordSport / Called by
'_____ 'em all, Joe, you'll never hit a bigger home run in your life!'Baseball / Tom Cheek
'Greer is putting the ball in play. He gets it out deep and _____ STEALS IT! Over to Sam Jones..._____ STOLE THE BALL! It's all over…It's all over!'Basketball / Johnny Most
'Do you believe in _____? YES!'Hockey / Al Michaels
'Little roller up along first...behind the bag! It gets through _____! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!'Baseball / Vin Scully
'The Giants win the _____! The Giants win the _____!'Baseball / Russ Hodges
'Down goes _______!'Boxing / Howard Cosell
'Secretariat is widening now! He is moving like a tremendous _______!'Horse Racing / Chic Anderson
'____ it in, Jerome!'Basketball / Bill Raftery
'Holy _____!'Football / Brent Musburger
'Stephane Matteau! And the Rangers have one more _____ to climb, baby!'Hockey / Howie Rose
'Look at Tommie Frazier! How many _______ can one man break?'Football / Jim Nantz
'And a fly ball deep to right! This is gonna be a home run! Unbelievable! A home run for Gibson! And the _____ have won the game 5-4! I don’t believe what I just saw!'Baseball / Jack Buck
'Touchdown Boston College! He did it! He did it! _____ did it!'Football / Dan Davis
'Oh, a _____ move by Michael Jordan!'Basketball / Marv Albert
'After being down seventeen, _____ City!'Basketball / Gus Johnson
'Oh, the _____ is out on the field!'Football / Joe Starkey
'Montana looking, looking, throwing in the end zone...Clark caught it! Dwight Clark! ... It's a madhouse at _____!'Football / Vin Scully
'Now there's a steal by ____! Underneath to DJ, he lays it in! Right at one second left! What a play by ____!'Basketball / Johnny Most

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