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Demi's full name
Demi's birthday(month,date,year)
Where was she born?
What's her older sisters name?
What's her younger sisters name?
At what age did she start playing piano?
What TV show did she first appear on?
Who did she make good friends with on that show?
What movie did she audition for in 2007?
What Disney sitcom did she audition for in 2007?
How did she meet Joe Jonas?
Did she have a relationship with Joe Jonas?
Which Jonas Brother didnt she have a relationship with?
What Disney film did Demi and Selena star in together
What did she buy her family for her 18th?
What was her documentary called?
What was her first album called?
What was her second album called?
What was her third album called?
What was her forth album called?
Why couldnt Demi return to Sonny with a Chance?
What was the named after she left?
What year did she release Unbroken?
What year did she tour for Unbroken?
What TV show did she do with Britney Spears?
What tattoo does she have aross her wrists?
What tattoo does she have on her side?
What tattoo does she have on her back/shoulder?
What tattoo does she have on her feet?
What tattoo does she have on the side of her hand?
What tattoo does she have behind her ear?
Which member of One Direction is she good friends with?
What's her favourite food?
Where did she celebrate her 21st?
Where was her first concert?
Who was her first celebrity crush?
What age did she stop playing with Barbies?
What's the name of her book she bought out in 2013?
What is Demetria's nickname?
How tall is she?-in meters.
What date did she check herself into a medical center?
What age did she want to be home schooled?
Was she homeschooled?
What are her favourite colours?
What is her twitter name?

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