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Can you name the names and phrases containing the letters 'pop'?

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hintpop phrase
Orville Redenbacher's treat
Ponyboy's brother in The Outsiders
Street dance style
Punk Singer who was born James Newell Osterberg, Jr
Vodka brand and Russian physicist
Child's song involving a mulberry bush
Dr. Seuss book
Plush toy fad of the 1980s
Breakfast toaster pastry
Maker of Bejeweled and other on-line games
Rice Krispies' mascots
The Keno Brothers would recognize this wood
Candy on a stick
Candy surrounded gum on a stick
hintpop phrase
Head coach of the San Antonio Spurs
Head of the Roman Catholic Church
Yearbook superlative
Sweet, yellow, crunchy Kellogg's cereal - you gotta have 'em!
A parrot or an overly fancy dresser
American magazine devoted to science and technology
Dorothy's deadly flower
Open the champagne
Frozen summer treat
Olive Oyl's sweetie
Propose marriage
Warhol's genre
William Jennings Bryan's party
Not the People's Front of Judea or the Judean People's Front

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