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General Location BoneHint
SkullTo score a header in a soccer game you use this bone
LegsYou don't have this bone until you are 2 years old
ThoraxDuring the frog dissection, we had to cut through this bone
ThroatThe only disarticulated bone in the body
Shoulder Girdlecollar bone
SkullWhen paige hit the side of her head on the goal post she hit this region
ArmsMr. Gelada's favorite part of your arm
HandsThey are on your hands and feet
Skullform the sides and roof of the cranium
Vertebral Column vertebrae inferior to the skull
Vertebral ColumnLowest part of the spine
ThoraxThere are 12 pairs and 3 different types of this bone
General Location BoneHint
LegsThe biggest bone in the body
Shoulder GirdleLatin word meaning 'blade'
Pelvis when paige pulled the chair out from underneath emily, she hurt this bone
Armbone that supports the outside of the wrist
Vertebral Columnfrom the base of the neck, to the bottom of the rib cage
Skullwhen you talk, this bone moves
Armfunny bone
Handsintermediate part of the hand, located between the phalanges and carpal bones.
Skull back and lower part of the skull
Legsinferior to the knee but superior to the ankle
Feetthe most frequently fractured tarsal bone
Pelvis combination of the ilium, pubis, and iscium

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