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Forced Order
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Who plays Dean Winchester
Who plays Sam Winchester
Who plays Castiel
Who plays Bobby Singer
How many season are there
What kind of car does Dean drive (include year)
What color is dean's car
Who is Lucifer's true vessel
Who is Michael's true vessel
What was the last seal
What did Sam want to be instead of a hunter
Who killed Sam's girlfriend and the boys' mom
how old was Sam when he was fed demon blood for the first time
What was Gordon turned into in 'Fresh Blood'
How do you kill a vampire
How do you kill a spirit
What was the first name of the boys' half-brother
What demon pretended to be Sam's friend, but betrayed him
Why did Dean go to hell
What is Bobby's last name
Who made the Colt (first name needed)
Who was Dean named after
Who was Sam named after
Who did Dean think was his son
What did Dean do to Jo before she died
What was the name of the boys' mom
What was the name of the boy's dad
Who tortured Dean in hell
What state did the boys' live in before their mom died
Where does Bobby live
What was the first seal
Who is the demon child

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