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Can you name the end of each LOTR trilogy quote??

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Beginning of the quoteEnd of the quoteCharacter and # of words in answer
I will not say do not weepGandalf (7)
Leave all that can be spared behind. We travel light.Aragorn (4)
I always like going south Treebeard (6)
Shadowfax. He is the lord of all horsesGandalf (8)
Farmers, ferriers, stable boysAragorn (4)
I do not doubt his heart,Eomer (6)
We told him to go away... and away he goes, Precious! Gollum (6)
There was no lie in Pippin's eyes. A foolGandalf (6)
Build me an armySauron (3)
Then let us be rid of it... once and for all! Come on, Mr. FrodoSam (11)
Beginning of the quoteEnd of the quoteCharacter and # of words in answer
There's no strength left in the world of Men. They'reElrond (3)
I can avoid being seen if I wishAragorn (9)
Look for your friends. But do not trust to hope. Eomer (5)
I know what you would say, and it would seem like wisdomFrodo (7)
Well, here's one dwarf she won't ensnare so easily. I haveGimli (11)
What will you have me do? Look at my men.Theoden (6)
I would rather share one lifetime with youArwen (9)
I am Gandalf the White. And I come back to you nowGandalf (6)
Not for ourselves, butAragorn (6)
You have to let me go. I go to my fathers, Theoden (10)

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