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Can you name the following verbs in spanish?

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to accomodate or to harbour (feelings)
to regret
to beg
to spin
to enjoy
to bellow
to dim (a light) or muffle (a sound)
to dye or to stain
to crush
to grant/award
to shoot (gun)
to rescue
to capture or to hoard
to wobble (also to stutter)
to hide or conceal
to contribute
to lessen or to ease
to praise
to hurry or to rush
to put forward (an idea etc)
to encourage
to put a stop to
to avoid
To predict
to make room
to surround
to enlarge
to groan
to wander about or to strole
to burn
to stem from
to slide/flow
to discredit
to demolish or overthrow
to hold (position), carry out (job) or to play a role
to reproach
to lack
to scare
to bend down or to duck
to vanish

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