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Erstwhile Red Sox who said, 'Don't let us win tonight' and 'Cowboy up' in 2004
Erstwhile Celtic and Timberwolves coach
Erstwhile Timberwolf and current Celtic
He and his brothers, Joe and Nick, have a band
Oscar winner for 'A Fish Called Wanda'
NASCAR Number 29
'E' on 'Entourage'
Youngest player to win the NBA scoring title
Director of 'Dogma' and 'Clerks'
Britney's baby daddy
'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' and 'King of Queens'
Will replace Donovan McNabb in 2010
Oscar winner for 'Dances with Wolves'
Kyra Sedgwick's husband
Leno's musical director
Television's 'Hercules'
Erstwhile 'Weekend Update' anchor and star of 'Weeds'
NY Giants Offensive coordinator
'Drama' on 'Entourage'
Current Red Sox first baseman
Oscar winner for 'The Usual Suspects'
The man behind Elmo

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