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Botanist and scientist George best-known for his work with peanuts.
George who created and works at Skywalker Ranch.
NFL's 'Papa Bear' George.
Zombie filmmaker George.
George '41'.
Actor George who won an Academy Award for portraying a General George.
Perpetually tan actor George.
Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin was this female George's real name.
Jazz-guitarist George who recorded 'This Masquerade' and 'On Broadway'
Before he led the A-Team, this George had breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey.
George who played James Bond. No. I'm serious.
George who lost to Nixon in 1972.
Choreographer and co-founder of New York City Ballet George
P-Funk George.
George who won an Academy Award in 1950 for playing Addison DeWitt.
King George who the American Colonies revolted against.
Move it on over. Rocker George who's bad to the bone because he drinks one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.
George who played professional golf, baseball, hockey, football and boxed and then wrote about it.
Fictional George who worked for a non-fictional George on NBC.
Playwright George whose works include 'Pygmalion', 'Major Barbara' and 'Arms and the Man'.
Ira's brother and frequent collaborator,George.
The George who worked for Spacely Sprockets.
This George's guitar gently wept.
Gracie Allen's straight man George.
Mary Ann Evans was this female George's real name.
George who played 'NORM!'
George who hosted the first 'Saturday Night Live'. Didn't use the '7 Dirty Words' that night.
Late-night George on TBS.
Super-speculator George. Famous for his financial donations to defeat George '43'.
'King of Country' George.
General George who was portrayed by an actor George who won an Academy Award for doing so.
Fictional George who had a 'wonderful life'.
'Lonesome George' who appeared frequently on the original 'Hollywood Squares'.
George who wrote '1984' and 'Animal Farm'.
Conservative Washington Post columnist George who LOVES baseball.
Theatre producer, director and writer George who lived to be 107.
Non-ficitonal George who employed a fictional George on NBC.
General George who retired to Mt. Vernon after his political career.
Superman George.
George who played Sulu. He is living long and prospering as the announcer for The Howard Stern Show.
Wham! This George wants your sex. 'Cuz ya gotta have faith.
George '41's son, George '43'.
'No Show' George. Once married to Tammy Wynette.
George who composed 'Messiah' and 'Water Music'.
Film director George most famous for working with Tracy and Hepburn.
'Pine Tar Incident' George.
NBA coach George, currently with the Nuggets.
Aunt Rosemary's Little Georgie.
'Yankee Doodle Dandy' George.
Academy Award winner for 'Cool Hand Luke' George.
Heavyweight champ George who sells cooking equipment now.

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