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QUIZ: Did the animal die (excluding old age) in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Type Y for yes and N for no.

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Animal nameDid it die?Extra details
Danny (Part 1)Jonathan's dog
Unnamed dog (part 2)Dog encountered by Kars and drunk driver
Forever (Part 3)Strength's user
IggyThe Fool's user
Unnamed catD'arby's cat
ChibiSeen outside DIO's mansion
BuchiSeen outside DIO's mansion
Pet ShopHorus' user
Unnamed turtle (Part 4)Turtle attacked by Delinquents
Unnamed dogDog being walked and encountered Angelo
PoliceKoichi's dog
Bug EatenRatt's user
Unnamed RatRatt's user
Arnold Reimi's dog
Kawajiri catKawajiri family's cat
Animal nameDid it die?Extra details
TamaStray Cat's user
Coco Jumbo (Part 5)Mr. President's user
Unnamed frogDoppio's 'phone'
Foo Fighters (Part 6)Foo Fighters' user
Savage GardenThe Speedwagon Foundation's carrier pigeon
Valkyrie (Part 7)Gyro's Horse
Slow DancerJohnny's Horse
Silver BulletDiego's Horse
Hey! Ya!Pocoloco's Horse
DannyJohnny's Mouse
Josuke (Part 8)Yasuho's dog
Dorcus Titanus PalawanicusJosuke's beetle
Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus #28Joubin's beetle
Allotopus RosenbergiJoubin's 2nd beetle

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