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Can you name the 100 most important people of the last one thousand years?

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1394?-1468German inventor
1451-1506Italian explorer
1483-1546German monk
1564-1642Italian scientist
1564-1616English playwright
1642-1727English scientist
1809-1882English biologist
1225-1274Italian theologian
1452-1519Italian polymath
1770-1827German composer
1632-1704English philosopher
1869-1948Indian leader
1475-1564Italian artist
1818-1883German economist
1856-1939Austrian psychiatrist
1769-1821French general
1879-1955German-American scientist
1473-1543Polish astronomer
1712-1778Swiss philosopher
1889-1945German leader
1723-1790Scottish economist
1732-1799American leader
1867-1912American inventor (with 24)
1871-1948American inventor (with 23)
1596-1650French philosopher
1822-1895French scientist
1672-1725Russian leader
1847-1931American inventor
c.1028-1087Norman leader
1265-1321Italian poet
1533-1603English leader
1809-1865American leader
1571-1630German astronomer
1828-1910Russian author
1685-1750German composer
1694-1778French philosopher
1882-1945American leader
1874-1965English leader
1181/82-1226Italian friar
1469-1527Italian political scientist
1870-1924Russian leader
c.1480-1521Portuguese explorer
1167?-1227Mongolian leader
1547-1616Spanish author
1759-1797English author
1606-1669Dutch artist
1578-1657English physician
1783-1830Venezuelan leader
1724-1804German philosopher
1893-1976Chinese leader
1863-1947American buisnessman
1756-1791Austrian composer
1608-1674English poet
1706-1790American polymath
1881-1955Scottish biologist
1929-1968American reverand
1537-1598Japanese leader
1712-1786Prussian leader
1770-1831German philosopher
1328-1398Chinese leader
1500-1558Holy Roman Emperor
1342-1400English poet
1638-1715French leader
1743-1826American leader
1254-1324Italian traveler, merchant
1743-1794French chemist
1758-1794French leader
1509-1564French theologian
1812-1870English author
1494-1566Ottoman leader
1839-1906French artist
978?-1031?Japanese author
1847-1922Scottish inventor
1867-1934Polish-French physicist
1919-1995American engineer
1821-1881Russian author
1817-1895American activist
1904-1967American physicist
1806-1873English philosopher
1879-1953Russian dictator
1411?-1431French hero
1561-1626English philosopher, scientist
1377-1446Italian architect
1815-1902American activist
1889-1982Russian-American inventor
1646-1716German philosopher, mathematician
1832-1907American architect
1749-1823English scientist
1819-1901English leader
1483-1530Indian-Muslim leader
1130-1200Chinese philosopher
1810-1891American showman
1874-1937Italian inventor
c.1270-c.1342Italian scholar
1466?-1536Dutch humanist
1769-1859German naturalist
1879-1966American activist
1491-1547English leader

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