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American Literature
F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about an eccentric millionaire in the 1920's. 
In Sue Grafton's popular Alphabet Mystery Series, M is for _________. 
Famous play written by Thorton Wilder set in a small New Hampshire town. 
Annual award given for the best children's book. 
The ship captain who is obsessed with Moby Dick. 
Square Root of 144. 
40% of 80. 
Foil this. (3x + 3)(2x + 1) 
The term for the number that occurs most frequently in a set of numbers. 
The term for the side of a right triangle that is oposite the right angle. 
World History
Leaders of this country have included Sun Yat-Sen, Chiang Kai-Shek, and Mao Zedong. 
First non-white president of South Africa following the end of Apartheid. 
Name given to the wars founght between Rome and Carthage. 
Which European country once ruled most of West Africa and Indochina? 
Which president hired Lewis and Clark for their cross-country expedition? 
Fine Arts
Tchaikovsky ballet about the transformation of a princess. Think Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. 
Creator of the Star Wars franchise.  
The Louvre is a famous art museum in what city? 
In 1805, Jacques Louis-David painted a famous portrait of this French Emperor on horseback crossing the Alps. 
Pablo Picasso is probably the most famous artist of this movement. 
Life Science
Russian scientist who experimented with dogs, a bell, and saliva. 
Name the glands that produce the hormone that can help you lift a car off an old lady. 
The bone in your upper arm. If you miss this, it is not funny. 
This man created the first Polio vaccine.  
Common name for Conjunctivitis.  
World Literature
Famous author of the Harry Potter book series. 
Generally credited with writing the Iliad and the Odyssey. Doh! 
Geoffrey Chaucer’s story of a group of pilgrims traveling to the title city. 
Famous story by Hans Christian Andersen about Ariel. It was made into a Disney Movie.  
What Italian city completes the title of the Shakesperian play, The Merchant of _________. 
Current U.S. Senate majority leader.  
What is the newest cabinet department, established in 2003? 
Japanese Currency 
Capitalism is governed by the simple rules of these two things, that begin with S and D 
Who becomes president if the president and the vice-president die? 
Physical Science
SI unit of force. Named after a famous scientist.  
Any liquid with a pH lower than 7 is this. 
Which element is the heaviest naturally ocurring element on earth? 
Chemical formula for Potassium Carbonate. 
The measure of the amount of disorder in a system. 
Russian mountain range that officially separates Asia and Europe. 
The Hawkeye State.  
Largest Great Lake. 
Canal that allows ships to go from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, and from there to the Indian Ocean. 
Name of the river that flows through London. 
American History
This man became president after the assassination of William McKinley. 
Nina, ______, and the Santa Maria. 
President of the Confederate States of America. 
Mexican leader that defeated American forces at the Alamo. 
Last name of any of the six presidents from Ohio. 

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