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Reading Vocabulary
Stories that are based on made-up or imaginary happenings. 
Form of writing that is arranged into paragraphs and uses literal language to express ideas. 
Fictitious story meant to teach a moral lesson. 
Poem with three lines, syllables go 5-7-5. 
A story that uses wit or irony to make fun of something bad in society. 
8-letter 'D' word that means to make smaller or reduce in size. 
7-letter 'D' word that means lasting a long time or resistant to decay. 
6-letter 'D' word that means deeply committed to a religious belief. 
5-letter 'D' word that means tightly packed or closely compacted. 
4-letter 'D' word that means something owed, such as money. 
Capital city of Arkansas. 
Name any of the four Ohio counties that border Scioto County. 
Caribbean island with a Communist government and capital at Havana. 
The largest ocean.  
Imaginary line at 0 degrees latitude. 
Mount Rushmore is located in this state. 
The Ohio River and the Missouri River are major tributaries to this river. 
The Largest Continent. 
Scandanavia=Denmark, Iceland, Norway, ________, Finland. 
The only Great Lake that borders Ohio. 
Life Science
Classification of rock formed from the cooling of lava or magma. 
Process that plants use to make food.  
ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate ________. 
The heart has two types of chambers, atria and _________. 
The three parts of an insect are the head, ________, and abdomen. 
A change in DNA.  
Dermatologists treat what specific part of the body. 
Term for animals that eat only plants. 
The control center of a cell. 
All vertebrates have one of these.  
Fine Arts
Red, yelllow, and blue are the three _______ colors. 
Famous Christmas ballet by Tchaikovsky in which toys come to life. 
Three or more notes played at the same time.  
English playwright who wrote Romeo and Juliet. 
Name of Da Vinci's most famous painting, a portrait of a woman.  
Trombones and Horns belong to this family of instruments. 
American composer that wrote 'God Bless America'. 
The Renaissance began in this country. 
Finish the line. 'To be or not to be...' 
This is what you call a note if it is raised half a step. 
An angle that is greater than 90 degrees. 
60% of 25. 
The answer to a division problem.  
The top number of a fraction. 
Least Common Multiple of 8 and 10. 
Square Root of 144. 
Round 15571 to the nearest hundred. 
A ten-sided polygon. 
Term for lines that do not and will not intersect. 
One angle measures 36 degrees. What is the measure of its complimentary angle? 
Spell that state where Chicago is located.  
Spell the government branch that makes laws. 
Spell the temperature scale that is 0-100 for freezing to boiling. 
Spell the word for the union between a man and wife. 
Spell the word for the most powerful person in the state government. 
Spell the word for a place where you can order and eat food. 
Spell the weather word for all water that falls from the sky. 
Spell the word for fake money. 
Spell the word for a second-year high school student. 
Spell the word for a tank that holds fish. 
Physical Science
The energy of motion.  
The pivot point of a lever.  
The planet where the 'Giant Red Spot' is located. 
Water is made up of Hydrogen and what other element? 
What is the name of our Galxay? 
Device that measures air pressure.  
Common name of the 'Aurora Borealis'. 
Subatomic particle with a negative charge. 
The amount of matter in an object. 
What element has the chemical symbol Fe? 
World History
The main author of the Declaration of Independence. 
First word of the Gettysburg Address.  
The man who developed the theory of natural selection, which led to the evolution theory. 
Country where Buddhism originated. 
The final battle of the American Revolutionary War. 
The man that invented the telephone. 
South American civilization that built Machu Picchu. 
General of the Confederacy during the Civil War. 
Columbus had three ships. Nina, _______, and Santa Maria 
First person to sail from Europe to India. 
Type of punctuation that is used to introduce a list. 
Part of the sentence that tells what action the subject is performing.  
Comparing two things using the words 'like' or 'as'. 
Type of sentence that gives a command.  
Up/Down, Good/Bad, Cold/Hot 
Singular is one. More than one is this. 
Words that end in 'ly' are usually this part of speech. 
'I don't want no spinach' is an example of what grammatical error. 
More than one quiz.  
Term for an incomplete sentence. 
Current Events
First name of Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby. 
NBA team that recently won their second straight title. 
2020 Olympic Host City.  
The UN recently investigated a chemical weapon attack on civilians in this country. 
Spacecraft that recently left our solar system.  
This man was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. 
American city that suffered a bomb explosion during its annual marathon. 
Name of the new console that will be release by Microsoft in November. 
Current #1 Song is 'Roar' by this singer. 
2013 Best Picture starring Ben Affleck. 

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Three Letter 'W' Words

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BONUS GAME: Flip your screen upside-down to play 'Three Letter Words that End in M'.
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