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A signal to a member of Congress that identifies which values are at stake in a vote
The practice of lobbying officials with such promises as employment after their government service
The situation arises when a government agency services as well as regulates a distinct group.
Lobbyists working closely with a few key members of Congress privately to exchange info. and sometimes favors.
Organizations that gather information on consumer topics.
Interest group related to race. Members share a common bond.
Friend of the court brief. Used to give advice to judges. Interest
Environmental interest group where members share a common interest.
The solicitation of funding through letter campaigns.
The sense of pleasure, status, or companionship one feels from group membership.
Lobbyists must register with the Federal government and disclose salaries and their activities.
a form of pressure-group activity that attempts to involve individuals who contact their representatives directly in an attempt to affect public policy.
Organized groups that try to influence public policy
Interest groups representative who seeks to influence legislation that will benefit his or her organization through political persuasion.
The activities of a group or organization that seeks to influence legislation and persuade political leaders to support the group's position.
Something of value that cannot be withheld from a nonmember of a group, for example, a tax write-off or a better environment.
Potential members fail to join a group because they can get the benefit, or collective good, sought by the group without contributing to the effort.
A group with the primary purpose of promoting the financial interest of its members.
groups that can collect political donations and make campaign contributions to candidates for office
Organizations that seek a collective good that will not selectively and materially benefit group members (ex. Common Cause, peace groups).
Largest interest group in America. Low-cost life insurance, discount drugs, tax advice for older Americans.
Groups that can collect political donations and make campaign contributions to candidates for office.
A list, compiled by an environmental interest group, of those legislators who voted most frequently against its measures
Individuals or groups representing other organizations.
Interest groups made up of those who join voluntarily.
The sense of satisfaction derived from serving a cause from which one does not benefit personally.
Religious interest group. Members share a common bond.
Professional Interest group. Members share a common bond.
States, cities, and localities that lobby the government.
Donations are free speech.

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