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Can you name the British Crisp!?

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A classic British crisp, which come in a variety of flavours.
A corn puff, with a cheesy flavour.
A cheesy maize curl.
Nobbly crisps with three aromatic flavours.
Crisps that resemble a classic American side dish to a beefburger.
Maize snacks that taste like bacon.
Elongated tubular crisps which are crunchy to the taste.
Mexican inspired corn chips.
Ring shaped potato snacks.
Four cornered potato snacks.
Out of this world crisps.
Crisps you might find under your bed.
Crisps in tubes, that are made for sharing!
Seafood flavoured crisps that melt in your mouth.
Maize sticks that are seasoned with a classic British seaside condiment.
Circular crisps that know how to groove.
Maize rings that taste like a classic fast food snack.
Add some salt and crunch away.
Maize crisps resembling beastly mammals.
Mini round crackers with a cheesy tang.
Traditional crisps with are very crunchy and are named after a water boiler.
Not a crisp, but a popular pub snack.
Bubbly crisps with a meaty taste-from the wild wild west.
Crinkly crisps that are not crisps but...

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