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Can you name the WWE Superstars by Catchphrases?

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If ya smell what _______ is cookin!
No chance in Hell!
I am the Game, and I am that damn good!
Give me a 'Hell Yeah!'
And I quote...
I'm _____, and I'm awesome!
Oooo yeah!
Rest in Peace
Whatcha gonna do when ______ runs wild on you!
Woo Woo Woo! You know it!
You either tap or snap!
It's true! It's damn true!
I'm the best there is, the best their was, and the best that ever will be!
Have a nice day!
What a rush!
And that's an order!
Suck it!
Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better CALL somebody!
Excuse me!
You will never forget the name....
Be Jealous!
Ain't I great?
Get funky like a monkey!
Oh, yes!
...but you already knew that!
If I could be serious for a moment...
Tell me you did not just say that!
Get the tables!
I will not die!
You can't see me!
Half man, half amazing!
My name is _____, and I love to fight!
Holla if you hear me!
What's up!
I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool!
Ain't no stopping me NOW!
Huss! Huss!
Monkeys in the truck, roll the footage!
Stand back! There's a _______ comin' through!
Straight-Edge means I'm better than you!
It's time once again for everybody to come aboard the HO TRAIN!
What does everybody want?
It's party time!
Who betta than ______?
This is _____. Smackdown's Number 1 Announcer!
Russia, number one! Iran, number one! USA, ptooey!
I love Double Double E
Just another victim!
Prove me wrong!
I'm ______! And I'm comin to getcha!
Holla Holla Holla!
How do you like me now?
What about me? What about _____?
I'm not telling you anything you don't already know!
Everybody's got a price!
'Cause that's how I roll!

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