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Forced Order
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DefinitionTermExtra Info
Uninterrupted flow of music (one song to another)
Singing of slogan and call letters
Abbreviation for 'weather'
Abbreviation for 'potentiometer.' Any type of device to control audio
Music in song before singing begins
How a song endsCold, Fade, Cold Fade
Music intro up to point where singing begins
Paying business for on air recognition
Station identification including call letters & city of license
Automation System
Process of listening to audio off of air
Length of song, program or any type of segment
Pre-recorded element, identifying the station in some way
DefinitionTermExtra Info
Place to stop music and talk:25 and :55
Meters on an audio board to measure levels (volume units)
Emergency Alert System
Decibel (how sound is measured)
Digital Editing Program
Tone inserted into an audio file to begin or fire the next element or item
The increase or decrease audio volume
A log of each hour of music, including artist, title, intro time(s), outro, year released, album title and song or artist notes
Book for the dropping of songs per hour -that could be played if needed - at a later time
The process of bringing an element into a current project from another source
Logging in to another computer on the network to retrieve an element
A location marker inserted into a wave form or take to mark a position(s)

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