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EventYear(s)# of years spanned
Euboean trading post on Pithecusae21 years
Traditional Date of Rome's Founding< 1 year
Creation of Greek Alphabet< 1 year
Founding of Carthage< 1 year
Greek Colonization in Southern Italy and Sicily11 years
Roman established as both a city and a state< 1 year
Traditional Date of the Founding of the Republic< 1 year
First codification of laws (Law of the Twelve Tables)< 1 year
Defeat and capture of the Etruscan city of Veii< 1 year
Battle of the Allia river (Gauls defeat Romans, capture and destroy all but the Capitol)< 1 year
Battle of the Caudine Forks< 1 year
1st Pyrrhic War against Pyrrhus, king of Epirus3 years
2nd Pyrrhic War against Pyrrhus, king of Epirus2 year
Defeat of Tartenum< 1 year
1st Punic War24 years
“Truceless War” (Carthage vs revolting mercanaries)4 years
Sardinia becomes part of Rome's dominion< 1 year
Corsica becomes part of Rome's dominion< 1 year
Illyrian Wars (1st round)2 years
The Erbo Treaty< 1 year
Gallic Wars and conquest of Northern Italy6 years
Illyrian Wars (2nd round)2 years
2nd Punic War18 years
Battle at the Trebia River (Hannibal defeats Rome)< 1 year
Battle of Lake Trasimene (Hannibal defeats Rome)< 1 year
Battle of Cannae (Hannibal defeats Rome)< 1 year
1st Macedonian War11 years
Introduction of new coinage (denarius)< 1 year
Battle at the Metaurus River (Rome wins, kill Hannibal's brother)< 1 year
'Peace of Pheonice' between Philip V and Rome< 1 year
Battle of Zama (Scipio's army defeats Hannibal's)< 1 year
Carthage asks Rome for peace< 1 year
2nd Macedonian War5 years
War of the Romans against Antiochus III4 years
Battle of Magnesia-by-Sipylum, Romans defeat Antiochus III< 1 year
EventYear(s)# of years spanned
Peace of Apameia/Apamea< 1 year
3rd Macedonian War4 years
Battle of Pydna< 1 year
4th Macedonian War2 years
3rd Punic War, Carthage sacked4 years
Rebellion of the Achaean League< 1 year
Devaluation of the denarius< 1 year
Death of Attalus III of Pergamum, bequeaths kingdom to the people of Rome< 1 year
Tribuneate of Tiberius Gracchus & assassination1 year
Two tribuneships of Gaius Gracchus2 years
Suicide of Gaius Gracchus< 1 year
Province of Narbonese Gaul created (Provence)2 years
Jugerthine War7 years
War against Cimbri and Teutone tribes5 years
Social War (aka Italian War)3 years
Sulla's dictatorship3 years
Slave revolt in Italy and Sicily led by Spartacus3 years
3rd Mithridatic War11 years
Pompey's war with pirates (3 months only)< 1 year
Pompey's settlement of the east5 years
Consulship of Cicero and Conspiracy of Catilina1 year
Julius Caesar elected consul, formation of 1st triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus< 1 year
Banishment of Cicero< 1 year
Gallic Wars8 years
Renewal of Triumvirate at Luca< 1 year
Death of Clodius, Pompey named sole consul1 year
Civil War5 years
2nd consulship of Julius Caesar1 year
Senate appoints Caesar dictator for life< 1 year
Formation of 2nd Triumvirate: Mark Antony, Lepidus and Octavian< 1 year
Battle of Philippi, defeat and death of Brutus and Cassius< 1 year
Perusine War< 1 year
Treaty of Brundisium< 1 year
Battle of Actium (end of republic, beginning of empire)< 1 year
Octavian enters Alexandria, murder of Caesarion and suicides of Mark Antony and Cleopatra< 1 year
EventYear(s)# of years spanned
Augustus (Octavian) Emperor41 years
Rule of Tiberius (Augustus step-son)24 years
Rule of Gaius Caligula5 years
Rule of Claudius14 years
Rule of Nero15 years
Revolt in Gaul of Vindex, fall and suicide of Nero< 1 year
Rule of Galba2 years
Year of the Four Emperors (Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian)1 year
Rule of Vespasian11 years
Temple of Jerusalem burns, Titus captures the city< 1 year
Eruption of Vesuvius and destruction of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae< 1 year
Rule of Titus3 years
Rule of Domitian16 years
Rule of Nerva3 years
Rule of Trajan20 years
End of Jewish Revolt< 1 year
Rule of Hadrian22 years
Hadrian adopts Antonius Pius who in turn adopts Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius< 1 year
Rule of Antonius Pius24 years
Parthian War6 years
Rule of Lucius Verus9 years
Rule of Marcus Aurelius20 years
2nd Marcomannic War4 years
Rule of Commodus13 years
Rule of Pertinax (3 months, several coup attempts)2 years
Septimius Severus proclaimed emperor by his troops, backed by 16 legions marches on Rome< 1 year
Rule of Septimius Severus19 years
Caracalla and Geta become co-emperors< 1 year
Geta murdered< 1 year
'Antonine Constitution' is promulgated, grants Roman citizenship to virtually all free peopel< 1 year
Caracalla is murdered, Macrinus has himself proclaimed emperor by the troops< 1 year
Elagabalus is proclaimed emperor by some of the troops, captures and executes Macrinus< 1 year
Elagabalus is assassinated and Alexander Severus is proclaimed emperor. < 1 year
Alexander Severus and his mother Julia Mamaea are murdered by Maximus< 1 year

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