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Can you name the Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Items?

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Begin With At The Begining
Get From The Rolling Goron
Free King Zora
In A Treasure Chest From Kokiri Forest
Found In The Temple Of Time
Buy From The Huge Goron
After A Long Trading Sequence
Bought From Kokiri Shop
Under A Gravestone
Inside The Spirit Temple
Begin With At The Begining
Main Treasure In Ice Cavern
Main Treasure In Shadow Temple
Play The Game
Main Treasure In Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Killing Enemys
Killing Enemys
Main Treasure In Forest Temple
Zelda In The Temple Of Time
Complete Gerudo Training Ground
Shoot The Rising Sun
Main Treasure In Deku Tree
Under Dampe's Grave
Well In Kakariko Village
Main Treasure In Water Temple
Main Treasure In Fire Temple
Salesman In Zora's River
Obtaining Three Spiritual Stones
Hyrule Castle Courtyard
Zora's Domain
Desert Colossus
Mask Salesman
Collecting 20 Gold Skulltulas
Freeing Four Carpenters
Completing Cucco Catching Game
Ice Cavern
Ramdomly In Underground Holes
Fairy Fountains
In Some Bodies Of Water
Play Epona's Song Infront Of A Cow
Shops Throughout Hyrule
Shops Throughout Hyrule
Granny Potion Shop
Play Saira's Song Infront Of Darunia
Main Treasure In Spirit Temple
Shadow Room Of Ganon's Castle
Complete Diving Game
Catch A 20-Pound Fish
Obtained With Slingshot
Chest In Dodongo's Cavern
Obtained With Fairy Bow
Obtained With Quiver
Obtained With Deku Seed Bag
Obtained With Bomb Bag
Just About Anywhere
Always In A Big Treasure Chest
Always In A Big Treasure Chest
Small Treasure Chests
Golden Treasure Chest

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