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Can you name the things or phrases with 'pot' in them?

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A meal with poultry, gravy, peas, and carrots layered in a flaky crust
Leader of the Khmer Rouge
A cut of beef cooked by braising
Accusing someone of doing something you actually do
A collaborative dinner where each person brings a different dish to share
A term used to describe America during the immigration era
To add value to something or make it more desirable
What is found at the end of a rainbow
A domesticated swine characterized by a large stomach
Players share the money in a hand of poker
When someone is poor or lacking wealth, they don't have this
A careless and insulting remark
To cause trouble
An appliance allowing for food to be cooked slowly over a long period of time
A 1968 Philip K. Dick novel about a man who can perfectly fix pottery
A French beef stew
A cloth or glove used to carry hot kitchenware
This phrase means when you're thinking about something, it's not going to happen
A clothing accessory commonly called a derby
A container used in the bedroom for bodily waste
A fried dumpling filled with meat
An Emmylou Harris song released as a duet with Anne Murray in 2008
An idiom meaning something was ruined or damaged
The UK version of Ramen

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