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Can you name the Sweet Valley High Characters while simultaneously feeling nostalgic and ashamed?

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Character DescriptionCharacter
The more fun-loving and impulsive of the twins
The more serious and studious of the twins
The twins' older brother
The father of the twins
The mother of the twins
A spoiled rich girl who is both the best friend and rival of one of the twins
The class clown and nerd
A boyfriend that was once involved in a motorcycle accident and briefly moved away from Sweet Valley
A 'boring' friend who used to be into drinking and partying and was injured in a plane crash
The high school male quarterback who was once temporarily blind
The high school female quarterback
The rich and spoiled playboy about town who creates the shortlived 'Club X'
An athlete who moves to Sweet Valley from Oregon and quickly begins dating one of the twins
A deaf girl who dies from a drug overdose
The town gossip and the twins' neighbor
Character DescriptionCharacter
The lead singer of The Droids
A poor boy who discovered he was related to one of the wealthiest families in town after his mother's death
An artist that was killed in an earthquake
She went through a 'Romeo and Juliet' type relationship ending with a broken engagement and eventually began dating the class clown
A girl whose personality became shallow and boy-crazy after moving back to Sweet Valley
She overcame her anorexia and became co-captain of the cheerleading squad before moving to Colorado
The new bossy and undermining co-captain of the cheerleading squad
He was killed in a car accident after prom while one of the twins was driving drunk
The evil twin that attempts to kill and take over the twins' identities
She almost married the twins' brother before moving away to London
The sexy high school English teacher
A former child star that writes for the school newspaper
The token overweight student
The editor of The Oracle
A surfer that was killed during a fight among local high schools

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