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Can you name the last name of the famous person to complete the meaning of the sentence?

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Turn right down this _____, Diane.
It's hard work running up a _____, Faith.
I went outside and picked this______, Halle.
Pucker up and give me a quick _____, Gregory.
Don't try and get away with this. You're not above the _____, Jude.
We're going hunting with the dogs to catch a _____, Megan
Don't take the parakeet out of its _____, Nicolas.
Have a nice _____, Doris!
Try not to trip over all the rocks and that large _____, Sharon.
You shouldn't buy that at that _____, Vincent.
When we go fishing, bring your nets and your _____, Britney.
You can leave the classroom when you hear the _____, Joshua.
You should lighten up and not be so _____, Howard.
Clouds are fluffy and _____, Betty.
Look at that ring! She's got a huge _____, Chris.
I want to rule the country and become _____, Stephen.
At the aquarium, I saw a sting _____, Rachael.
If you play goalie, you'll get hit by the _____, Wolfgang.
Let's sit in that patch of _____, Kate.
Pick up the arrow and _____, Clara.
Deposit your money in multiple _____, Tyra.
Roll me another _____, James.
Go and pray at the _____, Shirley.
Pick some blueberries off that _____, Barbara.
Charcoal is _____, Jack.
I'm poor and need some quick _____, Johnny.
Zip up your coat and fasten those _____, Red.
Do you think Lancelot was a handsome _____, T.R.?
Ouch! That fire _____, George!
I'm gonna make you eat _____, Sheryl.

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