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Can you name the last name of the famous person to complete the meaning of the sentence?

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Let's have our picnic in the _____, Sally.
Do you ever just stop, think, and _____, Stevie?
Decorate the tree with some _____, Judy.
I love her voice. She is my favorite _____, Eric.
I won't date you because you're too _____, Martin.
I can't wait to go to the Caribbean on a _____, Tom!
You should apply for the educational _____, Cary.
Let's take this car for a _____, Sally.
If we drive towards California, we're headed _____, Kanye.
Don't ask me, ask your _____, Yo-Yo.
Toss me that ring of _____, Alicia.
I hate when you let the car _____, Eric.
Celery is _____, Seth.
That house has a lovely _____, Clark.
I think she's dumb and not very _____, Taylor.
Get the book and turn to that _____, Jimmy.
You're in trouble! Go see the _____, Victoria!
There are lots of trees in the ______, Tiger.
This is so much fun! I am having a _____, Lucille!
Trim your moustache and _____, James.
Before dinner, say _____, Maggie.
We leave answering the door to the _____, Gerard.
I am getting old and my hair is turning ____, Jennifer.
I think the apartment is infested -- I saw a _____, Jay!
Since it's a mythical creature, I don't believe you saw a _____, Kathy.
I worship you because you are my _____, Billy.
You can grow a stalk if you plant that _____, Sean.
Tell the inmates to take it up with the _____, Jack.
On Sunday you should go to _____, Charlotte.
Look at the pretty flowers in _____, Orlando!

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