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1. What was the name of the group of Americans who viewed the new immigrants as threats to the United States?
2. The “five civilized tribes” became “_____-Assimilated”
3. Who was the person Jackson hated the most?
4. During the long debate between Webster and Hayne, Webster defended _________.
5. Andrew Jackson vetoed more than the previous ___ Presidents combined.
6. What was the group of Andrew Jackson’s “good ole boys” called?
7. Andrew Jackson replaced ____% of the Federal Employees.
8. How many party(ies) did the Presidential Election of 1824 have?
9. What war made Jackson a hero to the Western states?
10. What reaches new heights as Jackson and his wife, Rachel, were called adulteries?
11. What third party emerged during the Presidential Election of 1832 in oppose to Andrew Jackson being a part of the secret/elitist group?
12. Natives lived east of the ______ River.
13. What was the first sex scandal during Jackson’s presidency?
14. What was Jackson’s nickname that was given because of his common style and “horse sense”?
15. Jackson was a (Democrat/Republican).

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