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1. Who did Andrew Jackson hand pick as his succesor in 1836?
2. What political system did Henry Clay help start?
3. Who wrote the South Carolina Exposition?
4. What were the five 'Civilized Tribes'?
5. What state is Daniel Webster from?
6. What was Martin's nickname that resulted from the Panic of 1837?
7. What were Daniel Webster's two favorite political topics?
8. What year did Andrew Jackson win the election
9. What was the system that Andrew Jackson applied to spread the wealth?
10. What health condition prevented William Harrison to serve for a longer time?
11. What were the two countries that began the first wave of major immigration to the United States?
12. What year did Harrison win the election
13. What year was the Whig Party formed?
14. What was another name for Van Buren's Independent Treasury Idea?
15. What did the Divorce Bill later become in 1913?

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