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2000, percent of world population in cities
quechua, inca language has --- speakers
us granted phillipines on
1/2 corn production in
new guinea languages
south asia is about ----- of the US
% of world total languages in Africa
christianity split between
population of central asia , 1/5 us opulation
number of americans (1 in 4) claim to be german
expansion of german peoples displacing celtics in
central asia was controlled by russia from
islamic expansions start under altaic people
first jewish temple built by solomon in
city is
dead sea scrolls back to
southeast asia population
--- characters allows u to know --- percent of chinese
india independence and partition into pakistan
mineral countries in Africa
first writing system developed in mesopotamia, --- years ago
top languages have nearly -- world speakers
number of ppl in industrialized societies in services
malayo-polyneisan has --- languages
number of nation states
bangladesh is ----- muslim
vietnam was part of china for
coptic church number of members
protestant splie from roman catholics in
north and south china unified under han dynasty
vedas date back to
second temple destroyed by romans in
population percent in north america
number of people in kurdish ethnic group
3/4 of the world rice in
resident of mainly 9 mulism countries viewed the US unfavorable
oil countries in AFrica
mammal domestication ended
largest countries in Middle East, with over 60 million people
confucious lived from
number of polands of roman catholic
sikhism, ---- adherents, ---- years old
year that Afghanistan was part of the sphere of Russian influence
language branches of indo european in europe
number of austronesian languages
great wall of china built in
create of israel
expansion of islam into spain, north africa, and middle east
us acquired phillipines in
the population africa will reach by 2050
population of india
arabic is a
jewish migration into palestine started in
india is ----- hindu
judaism was oral tradition until
middle east population - nation states - languages
pakistan is --- muslim
first oil well in titusville pa
number of ukraine eastern orthodox
number of muslims that believe arabs did 9/11
number of new world languages
---- of worlds rainforest in amazon basin
population of bangladesh and pakistan
number of distinct chinese symbols
europe nation states - population - languages
20% of the world has ---- of automobiles
population percent in south, east, southeast asia
death of muhammed
mammal domestication began
minus top 10 states, average size of nation state
1800, which cities had population of 1 million
the year Canada became a self governing dependency of GB
indo european has --- speakers
potato domesticated in
africas population
population of quebec
1800, percent of world population in cities
dominant language in iran is --- and is part of the ------ family
peopling of polynesia in
the century that oil exploitation began
muhammed lived from
average size of nation state
canada gained equal status in
carribean influences from
jewish temple destroyed and rebuilt in
percent of muslims who beleive that US war was morally unjust
east asia population is --- of world
number of major language families in southeast asia
wheat, rice, adn sugarcane
no mammals domesticated since
number of new world language familes
soviet withdrawal in Afghanistan
number of spanish countries in latin america
1/2 beef production in
percent of world population in south asia

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