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Can you name the Name the bad girls who got sent home or got kicked out?

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Was the first bad girl ever to get sent home
The 2nd girl ever to get sent home
Could/Should have gotten arrested
Got kicked out by Amber M.
Got called a bad mother cause she didnt know who her baby daddy is
She runs L.A.
Punched annie in the final episode
First girl to get out on episode 2
She got kicked out by Lea
She hit Lea with 1 solid punch
She got banned from ever being shown on oxygen
Was the first girl to actually get kicked out in season 6
She hit nikki with a lamp
Apperently she works at a pizza hut lol
She is too classy to hit but she will scratch
She was actually tricked into leaving by Tiara
She beat shelly's ass in the final episode
She threw a pocket billiard at the girls
She litterally ripped all of some girls hair out
She treated Rima like a rat most of her time on the show
She had a street fight with Julie
She fought Rocky over a hot pocket
She tried to sneak rocky but she still got her ass whooped
She dated justin bieber i guess
Her booty be big
She almost kicked Janelle in the eye
Her weave is 30 inches
She loves Micheal Jackson
She made a sandwitch when she first entered the house
Watch out she is gonna 'lay you out' some day
She got kicked out on the last episode by one of her 'friends'
She got nicknamed 'The Chin'
She nicknamed Natalie 'The Chin'
She will haunt Jada down with a glock
She threw shoes at Camilla
Her and her twin brought house pets
Even if she wears a mask she still looks better then Lauren i guess
She wants her children to have a black daddy and she looks good in white

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