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Can you name the Can you name the changes made to the Quebec Act of 1774 by the Constitutional Act of 1791?

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Beginning of the phrase......missing word(s)......end of the phrase.
It divided Quebec intoparts. (HINT: Type the word not the number.)
Lower Canada included those parts of New France from the eastern edge as far west as the. (HINT: Body of water.)
Upper Canada contained the area from the Ottawa River to the boundary formed by Lakes (name east to west)
another lake(name east to west)
another lake(name east to west)
another lake(name east to west)
There would be afor each Canada. (HINT: Position)
Landholders in Lower Canada could hold land under theor freehold system.
In Upper Canada, all land would be held under thesystem.
Existinggrants of land were not available for settlers to move into. (HINT: Group of people))
Catholics in Lower and Upper Canada had to pay theto their church.
The Church ofwas given one-seventh of all new lands assigned. (HINT: Country)
There was to be a legislativeto pass laws in each Canada. (HINT: Another word for a group.)
Voters, which meant only men who ownedcould choose their representatives at elections.
These elected representatives could suggestbut did not have the power to pass them.
There would also be a legislative council in Lower and Upper Canada, appointed by the lieutenant-governor tolaws.

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