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New Directions
Season 1-3 
Season 1-3 
Season 1-3 
Season 1-5 
Season 1-5 
Season 1-3 
Season 1-3 
Season 1-3 
Season 1-4 
Season 1-3 
Season 1 
Season 1 
Season 2-5 
Season 2 
Season 3-5 
Season 3 
Season 3-4 
Season 3-4 
Seasons 4-5 
Seasons 4-5 
Seasons 4-5 
Seasons 4-5 
Seasons 4-5 
McKinley Faculty
Director of the Glee Club (Seasons 1-5) 
Cheerios Coach (Seasons 1-4) 
Guidance Counselor (Seasons 1-5) 
Football Coach (Season 2-4) 
Syncronized Swimming Coach (Season 3) 
Football Coach (Season 1) 
The Piano Player (Seasons 1-4) 
Director of the Trebletones (Season 3) 
The Spanish Teacher (Season 3) 
Substitute Teacher (Season 2)  
High School Principal (Seasons 1-5) 
Astronomy Teacher/Badminton Coach (Season 1) 
The Shop Teacher (Season 1) 
Director of Cabaret Musical (Season 1) 
Geography Teacher (Season 3) 
Cafeteria Lady (Season 4) 
Family Members
Ex-Wife (of faculty) (Season 1 primarily) 
Sister (of above Ex-Wife) (Season 1) 
Father (of student) (Seasons 1-5) 
Mother (of student) (Seasons 1-5) 
Sister (of faculty) (Seasons 2-3) 
Mother (of faculty) (Season 2) 
Daughter (of faculty) (Season 4) 
Biological Mother (of student) (Seasons 1-4) 
Biological Daughter (of students), Adoptive Daughter (of faculty) (Season 1-2) 
Gay Father (of student) (Season 4) 
Other Gay Father (of student) (Season 4) 
Brother (of student) (Season 3) 
Niece (of faculty) (Season 4) 
Mother of (faculty) (Seasons 2, 4) 
Father (of faculty) (Seasons 2, 4) 
Ex-Husband (of faculty), Dentist (Season 2) 
Ex-Husband (of faculty), Football Recruiter 
Father (of student) (Season 3) 
Mother (of student) (Season 3) 
Mother (of student) (Season 1-3) 
Father (of student) (Season 1) 
Mother (of student) (Season 4) 
Mother (of student) (Season 4) 
Other McKinley Students
Handi-capable Cheerio, Sue's Minion (Seasons 1-4) 
Football Player, Bully (Seasons 1-3) 
Interviews Other Students for His Blog (Seasons 1-4) 
Once Auditioned for New Directions 
Football Player, Dated Mercedes (Season #) 
Prom Queen Candidate  
Hockey Player, Class President candidate 
Tina's Friend (Season 4) 
Crushed on Mr. Shue (Season 1) 
Football Player, Bully 
Member of The Skanks, Trebletones (Season 2-3) 
Was touched by a faculty member (Season 1) 
Name of the cheerio with the neckbrace (Season 4) 
Fake name of the 'catfish' girl (Season 4) 
Real name of the 'catfish' girl (Season 4) 
Rival Students & Faculty
Vocal Adrenaline Lead and Coach (Seasons 1-3) 
Vocal Adrenaline Coach (Season 1) 
Vocal Adrenaline Director/Coach (Season 1) 
Jane Addams Academy Coach (Season 1) 
Haverbrook School for the Deaf (Season 1) 
Vocal Adrenaline Lead (Season 2) 
Vocal Adrenaline Coach (Season 2) 
Vocal Adrenaline Lead (Season 3) 
Unitards Lead (Season 3) 
Warbler (Season 2) 
Warbler (Season 2) 
Warbler (Seasons 3, 4)  
Warbler (Season 4) 
Warbler (Seasons 2-4) 
Warbler (Seasons 2-4) 
Warbler (Seasons 2-4) 
Warbler (Season 2-4) 
Warbler (Season 2-4) 
Warbler (Season 2) 
The Hoosierdaddies Lead (Season 4) 
Student (Seasons 4-5) 
Student (Seasons 4-5) 
Roommate (Seasons 4-5) 
Student/ex-Roommate (Season 4) 
Student / Leader of ____'s Apples (Season 4) 
Dance Teacher, Washed-Up Broadway Star 
Dean of Vocal Performance (Seasons 3-4) 
VOGUE.COM Executive (Season 4) 
Other Friends & Associates
Employee of Sheets & Things, member of Acafellas (Season 1) 
News Anchor 
Other News Anchor 
McKinley Alumni, Has Her Own Broadway Musical (Seasons 1-2) 
McKinley Alumni, Lima Public School Board Member (Season 1) 
Between the Sheets Customer, Texting Flirt (Season 3) 
Gap Employee Serenaded by the Warblers (Season 2) 
Fake Girlfriend, Cardinal's Cheerleader (Season 4) 
Lighthouse Hook-Up (Season 4) 
Animal Friends
Cat of a ND member (Seasons 2-4) 
Warbler's Cat (Season 4) 
Warbler's Canary (Season 2) 

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