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Number of DaysCastawayAbout the Castaway
117four appearances; married a former survivor contestant.
114leader of the black widow brigade; first appeared in the Cook Islands as the 'flirt'
108reached the final tribal council twice and did not win both times
104was voted out in one season three times; voted out with the immunity idol in Fans vs. Favourites
100broke his toe in the first competition in Heroes vs. Villains; often a provider for his tribe
98voted by an online poll as the sexiest male castaway of all first 8 seasons, first appeared in Survivor: Australia
96often known as the dragon slayer/second to Sophie in season 23
89the original black widow; was the only contender on the show that placed better than she had in previous seasons
Number of DaysCastawayAbout the Castaway
88one of the most notorious villains to ever play survivor; had back to back seasons
85part of the older women's tribe in exile island; finished third in Fans vs. Favourites
78played the game twice, won twice; the only survivor to ever win twice
76gravedigger first appeared in Survivor: China; left by medical evacuation in his third appearance
75very first person to change the vote twice in one season; considered one of the most memorable and popular survivors
73first appeared in Survivor: Africa; also appeared in Survivor All-stars
72won Survivor: All-stars; was proposed to by the second place finisher
72went against her alliance in Heroes vs. Villains; runner up in Exile Island

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