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Signal for anterior/posterior position of axis
Neonate: Large lung volumes w/ diffuse, patchy infiltrates
Dx: Wider pulse pressure in young person
Elderly - dec liver mass/hepatic blood flow also dec ? metabolism
Rx SE: grey baby syndrome 2/2 cardiac failure
Heat loss mechanism for incubator
Morphine, furosemide in infants affected by dec?
Discrete opacities in crystalline lens
effect of aging on daily requirement for thyroxine replacement
Dev Period: Lissencephaly
Hormone produced in largest quantity by the adrenal gland
Inc in ? = primary mech for insulin resistance in aging
Loss of neurons in elderly occur in basal nuclei, substantia nigra and ?
Dev Period: Holoprosencephaly
MC fetal malformation
grey baby syndrome due to dec in?
'Off' signal for Ab production that may limit response in elderly
Cells escape from senescence because of?
Epidermis stratum: anucleated outermost layer, physical interface with environment
elderly - how to change dose for water soluble Rx?
Epidermis stratum: tightly packed keratinocytes linked via desmosomal connections
Dose adjustment of penicillin in infant?
Effect of aging on circulating norepi levels
Dx: 'boot shaped' heart, upturned apex
Dx: no connection b/t pulm veins and left atrium
normal cells have limited proliferative potential in vitro
Egg allergy is c/i to which vaccine?
absent CD18 of 3 cell surface glycoproteins
Shunts blood flow from umbilical vein directly to IVC
When the foramen ovale closes, pressure in the RA is ? c/w the LA
Gene: lissencephaly and ambiguous genitalia
Dec renal clearance - change dosing by increasing?
Major site of drug biotransformation
immuno dz we learned that appears b/t 6-18mos
Change in LV ejection fraction w/ aging
Rx SE in babies: kernicterus
Abnl heart sound considered nl over age 75
Test for scoliosis
MC acquired immunodeficiency
immuno dz we learned that appears b/t 3-6mos
changes directly dependent on the passage of time
admin of all or part of a microorganism to evoke an immunologic response that mimics natural infections
Dx: results from focal arrest in fetal lung dev around or before 7th week
MC complement component deficiency
Change dose of adrenergic agents in elderly
Dev Period: Encephalocele
first place mononuclear and dendritic cells produced in fetus
Dx: downward displacement of the tricuspid leaflets into the RV
Which type of muscle fibers dec w/ age?
formation and closure of neural tube 22-28d
Vd effect: cystic fibrosis
Gene: X-linked lissencephaly in males
Infant Dx: Cardiomegaly, pulm congestion, widened mediastinum
downregulates Sonic Hedgehod ~42d gestation
Dx w/ nitroblue tetrzolium test or chemiluminescence assay
recurrent neisseria and meningitis suggest defects in?
Conjugated vaccine vs serotypes A, C, Y, and W-135
Effect on hepatic clearance: CF
Diminishing ability to maintain homeostasis w/ challenge is hallmark of?
Influenza - major genetic variations aka?
Gastric pH at birth > ?
Change dose of benzos in elderly
Effect on hepatic clearance: CHD, sepsis
bilateral schizencephaly due to lack of ?
In utero, thermoregulation of the fetus performed by:
Missing 3rd and 4th pharyngeal pouches
Most difficult air leak to treat
Epidermis stratum: barrier lipid synthesis and corneocyte production via programmed cell death
MCC respiratory distress in newborns
Three main determinants of diastolic function are passive stiffness, uniformity of LV and ?
Chromosome that specifically affects proliferation/senescence
Which trimester does IgG start crossing the placenta?
MC SE of VZV vaccine
Impaired relaxation in elderly affects ? function
Counting mechanism for senescence
Change dose in pedi - hydrophilic drugs
Dev Period: Micro/megalencephaly
elderly suppress thyroid function while 'ill or malnourished'
B-cell tyrosine kinase deficiency
Lissenceaphy + dysmorphic facial appearance
Spinal abnormality in infant assoc w/ poorly controlled DM
Hepatitis A: type of vaccine
CD4 or CD8: higher in infants
Phase I Rxn imp: diazepam, phenobarbital, phenytoin
Immediate Tx: congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Dx: 'snowman shape' heart and pulmonary edema
Besides anaphylaxis, what reaction to DTaP is a contraindication for booster?
When elderly exercise, ? pressure inc
Inc osmolality Rx increases risk of ? in infants
Surfactant deficiency in newborn causes
Immature/altered permeability of intestinal mucosa affects drug absorption how?
Dx: Loss of mass in hippocampus by serial CT or MRI
p450 effect: macrolide abx, itraconazole, ketoconazole
Dx: inspired O2 100% x10min, then PaO2 less than 150mmHg
Effect on hepatic clearance: CHD, sepsis
'Ball and Valve' lung obstruction in neonate
MMR: type of vaccine used in US
Haemophilius influenzae (HiB) vaccine type?
bilateral schizencephaly + absence of septum pellucidum
p450 effect: rifmpin, phenytoin, carbamazepine
elderly - how to change dose for lipid soluble Rx?
Dose adjustment of phenobarbital in infant?
Infant: vasoconstriction of peripheral blood vessels in hands and feet
Signal for dorsal/ventral position of axis
rhizomelic chondrodysplasia, optic nerve hypoplasia
Pertussis: type of vaccine used in US
Protein used in the pneumococcal conjugated vaccine?
Aging changes due to trauma and disease
Heart anomaly assoc w/ maternal lithium use
Gene: lissencephaly with anterior worse than posterior
progeroid syndrome due to mutations in DNA helicase
Vd effect: septic shock
'streaky'/'sunburst' pattern of linear densities emanating from hilum
admin of preformed ab to a person exposed to or high likelihood of exposure
Old Brains recover poorly due to inadequate ? production
Lung Dz assoc w/ Low PaO2, Low sats w/ discordant pre/post ductal sats
neurotransmitter in nucleus basalis of Meynert
Gene: DiGeorge + ptosis and deafness
Effect of congenital heart disease on gastric emptying
Lamin A permanently modified by lipid farnesyl group
Elderly - how to change dose of vancomycin or digoxin
non-enzymatic reaction b/t glucose and amine groups of proteins
GH noctural peaks dec in elderly resulting in dec in?
Dx: 'egg on a string', inc pulm vasculature
B or T cell: dependent on IL-7 expression
most free radicals generated by?
Technique to reduce evaporative heat loss and permit radiative heat transfer
elevated glucose AND elevated insulin
Dev Period: Schizencephaly
Varicella: type of vaccine used in US
surrogate for true height w/ changes in age or spinal dz
Screening for T-cell lymphopenic disorders
Gene: heterozygous deletion/mutation causes lissencephaly
Dx: ill, elderly person w/ high serum glucose
Dx: eczema, thrombocytopenia (microplatelets), diarrhea, recurrent infections
Gene: recessive mutation causes lissencephaly
Lung Dz assoc w/ PFO and PDA
Primary normal cells that do not senesce
range of environmental temps w/ normal body termperature and minimal basal metabolic rate
Only vaccine given as early as birth
Dx: narrowing or blockage of the nasal passages
impact of aging on arterial impedance
mutation in Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome
Cause of diplegic cerebral palsy
Dx: Visible air bronchograms, 'ground-glass' lung, low lung volume
Change dose of warfarin in elderly
Presents w/ tetany in first few days of life
Single frontal incisor + epilepsy
Effect of aging on beta-adrenergic vasodilation
Type of neuron migration - olfactory bulbs
Water or fat soluble - valium
E to A ratio determines over 60% of ?
Effect of age on alpha-1-acid glycoprotein
First sign/muscle affected in DMD
MC primary immunodeficiency
Dx: Survival requires PDA (mixing of the two circulations)
Development of ? depends on RAG-1 and RAG-2
lissencephaly, posterior same as anterior
Primary type of heat loss in babies
Dx: delayed umbilical cord separation, recurrent soft tissue infections but no pus
MC surgery in cerebral palsy
genes that are beneficial before/during reproductive age but detrimental afterwards
absolute dec in amt of bone per unit volume
Systolic BP (men) inc 5 mmHg/decade until age ? then 10 mmHg/decade
Phase I Rxn imp: theophylline, diazepam, meperidine
fetal & neonatal heat production are based on?
Phase II metabolism of APAP in infants
Fetus: Majority of CO from RV goes to?
disorder of tone, posture, or mvt due to a non-progressive lesion in the developing brain
Loss of high freqencies, difficulty in localization of sound and phoneme discrimination are all part of?
Loss of lean body mass seen w/ aging
Loss of accommodation in the older individual
Neonate - lung abscess and meningitis
Dx: recurrent bacterial infections, esp catalase pos organisms
Dx: single arterial vessel in the heart
Common physical change in adrenals of elderly
Polymicrogyria, posterior fossa cyst, chorioretinal lacunae
first place PMNs produced in fetus
glucose: 100+ age = maximum?
Phase of metabolism: cytochrome P450
Infant: covering of sebaceous secretions and desquamated epithelial cells
Rotavirus: type of vaccine
Change dose in pedi - lipophilic drugs
Immuno dz where B cells stop working
If mom is HBsAg+, newborn should receive vaccine AND ?
Dont take calcium and magnesium with which rx?
brain - irregular masses of paired helical fibers
Propranolol and atropine given to make heart go what rate?
Dev Period: Caudal Regression Syndrome
Heat source mechanism for incubator
Epidermis stratum: keratinocyte proliferation and epidermal renewal
Absence of thymic shadow on XR
effect of aging on glucagon levels
Effect on renal clearance: CF
Predominant method of neonatal heat production
Aging kidney depends on ? to maintain filtration
Neurotransmitter in median raphe nucleus

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