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Tx for secondary adrenal insufficiency
clefting artifact, myxoid stroma
skin tags, aka ?
wheals - due to release of?
LM: intracellular calcium pyrophosphate dihydate (CPPD) crystals
brown patch on shldr that grows hair @ puberty
Steroid class: dexamethasone/triamcinolone
mucuous membrane involvement is hallmark in which skin reaction?
only selective NSAID on the market
MC joint affected in pseudogout
Test w/ negative predictive value 95% for lupus
First joint affected in gout
Koebner's phenomenon occur in areas of?
Corynebacterium minitussimum
MCC: large joint (ie shldr) destructive arthritis
sandwich sign (path)
Rx class: squalene epoxidase
lentigines on lips/oral mucosa, abd pain
Rx: FKBP binds/inh mTOR, low nephrotoxicity
Dz: linear nodules along lymphatics
PR like eruption on palms and soles
deposits of monosodium urate (MSU) crystals
MC malignant tumor in young adults
false + test for treponema pallidum (and +ANA)
visible under LM with alizarin red staining
induced by glucocorticoids to suppress phospholipase A2
'atypia is full thickness'
Thickness from top of granular layer to bottom of deepest lesion
Irregular metaphyseal corners assoc w/ ?
lesion goes through dermis & epidermis
reddish-white and shiny lesions on extensor surface, joints of hands
Mult epidermal incl cysts, osteomas, fibromas, lipomas
MC location for osteosarcoma
internal neurofibroma, cafe-au-lait spots
Rx: works where cyclosporin fails
limited scleroderma - spec antibody to ?
Syndrome assoc w/ Complex Vascular Malformation
midshaft = ___physeal
small fluid filled lesion
flat lesion
guttate psoriasis after infection w/ ?
Hemorrhage, Edema, Aspiration, Pneumonia
Bright red, satellite pustules
Aspirin effect on warfarin
thick 'silvery white scale'
lichen planus: white reticulated pattern on top
Rx: Reverses altered keratinization
Umbilicated papules and pox virus
Erythematous raised patches w/ adherent keratotic scaling and follicular plugging
MCC of Morbilliform rash
hyperplasia/thickening of stratum spinosum
'Rat bite' erosions may be seen when ? are present on xray
Firm, violaceous color due to Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon
Linear dermatosis, primarily affects children
Facial nerve involvement with Zoster
Most severe SE from steroid withdrawal
migration of embryotic lines during development
intraarticular = ___physeal
ACTH excess
Batwing appearance
Mortality in scleroderma assoc w/ ?
Nevus assoc w/ vitiligo and metastatic melanoma
antidote for acetaminophen OD
hemangiomas of infancy are positive for?
IR tx for liver HCC
lesion assoc w/ HHV-8
radiography for vascular/aortic injury
muscle biopsy: inflammation and necrobiotic degeneration
Rx class: lanosterol demethylase
Central facial erythema/telangiectasia
'net like'
sv dermal effect assoc w/ inhibition of prostaglandin synth
XR: periarticular deposits of apatite
Type of arthritis in lupus
serum urate conc > 6.8 mg/dL
protein mutation in atopic dermatitis
Rash with relative central clearing and active peripheral border
Antigen assoc w/ most serious dz in polymyositis
autoimmune dz w/ intact bullae
'atypia is not full thickness'
Drug induced acute, generalized skin eruption
PV or BP: Suprabasal acantholytic blister
Enzyme b/t inosinic acid and hypoxanthine
ERCP that has 10% chance of causing ?
Primary lesion of acne
increased vascular pedicle width
'dew drop on a rose petal'
honey colored crust by kid's mouth
When pos, titer useful for monitoring lupus activity
buckling of cortex
fracture of cortex
Apple core lesion in colon - MC?
Rx: correct acid-base imbalance with ASA OD
Dose limiting SE of cyclosporin
hyperplasia/thickening of stratum corneum
Earliest symptom of malignant melanoma
Hyperkeratosis that retains nuclei
autoimmune dz w/ popped blistering
something in elbow pushes ? posteriorly
LAH and RBBB most common EKG findings in?
Long glucocorticoid duration - low or high 11β-HSD II binding affinity?
Lesion called burrow
scleroderma limited to skin of fingers and face
only NSAID approved for parenteral admin
scalp lesion but different part of follicle c/w epidermal incl cyst
class: principally salt-retaining activity
Dogs/cats dont get gout b/c they have ?
gold standard for dx of allergic contact dermatitis
TH1 or TH2: eczema
Anti-La (SS-B) and Ro also present in ?
MC SE from steroid withdrawal
Usu bacteria in Furuncle
Candida - nail cuticle
100% specific for SLE, but only found in 25-30%,
most damaging/limiting effect of long term steroids
non-purine selective inhibitor of xanthine oxidase
“coin shaped” eczema
Syndrome assoc w/ prox coarctation of the aorta
fludrocortisone is tx for?
papillomatosis, perinuclear halo, prominent keratohyaline
Candida - groin, axilla, inframammary
arborizing vascular network; cellular lipocytes w/ “chicken wire” vessels
loss of intercellular bridges of stratum spinosum
MAb to prevent acute phase rejection
MC skin cancer
Usu location of Ewing's sarcoma
hyperpigmented rete ridges (path)
ephelides, aka ?
PV or BP: Subepidermal blisters and linear BM IF
Anuclear hyperkeratosis
diffuse scleroderma - spec antibody to ?
Syndrome assoc w/ capillary malformation in V1
palpable purpuric lesion after PCN
Rate limiting step of purine metabolism
supracondylar = ___physeal
target lesions, classically
Deep sulcus sign on radiograph
psoriasis usu on which surfaces
Scarlet fever organism
eczema usu on which surfaces
Meniscus sign on radiograph
Organism in Acute Paronychia
MC soft tissue tumor of adulthood
Superficial cellulitis, Group A Strep, well demarcated, usu face
Hypoxemia & etoh tox ? urate reabsorption
hyperparpathyroid & hypothyroid decrease uric acid ?
intertiginous red streaks in scarlet fever
Salmon/white/brown rash on back/chest in summer months
Which? Tip b/t main PA and bilateral pulm hila
malignant melanocytic cells; go up into dermis
Pruritic, purple polygonal papules
Rx: bone marrow and GI toxic, hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis
hyperkeratosis, hypergranulosis, acanthosis
Antiphospholipid syndrome - ab against?
In PV, autoantibodies are against ?
premies at risk for which skin condition?
bridging, lamellar fibrosis, atypical melanocytes
Decade that IR was born
swelling of liver/brain with ASA
Herpes Simplex on finger
triangle filled w/reactive bone (osteosarcoma)
MC form of oral LP
Type of necrosis in vasculitis
Coral red fluorescence (Woods lamp)
inhibit platelet aggregation - only rec. use of?
Virus assoc w/ lichen planus
MC crystal in BCP deposition disease
Tip of PICC at junction of SVC and ?
arterial and venous thromboses, spont abortions, and low platelets
papillomatosis and horn pseudocyst
skin cond: steroid withdrawal may cause?
Dx: dec re-utilization of purine bases in the salvage pathways
Endocarditis assoc w/ lupus
Rx causing celecoxib levels to rise
acetic acid derivative that dec arachidonic acid
Steroids tx autoimmune hemolytic anemia assoc w/ ?
Which? Tip 3-5 cm above the carina
human mab: BLyS-specific inhibitors
classification system - fx wrt growth plate
Pityriasis Rosea starts with
Rx: block memory B cells and inh lymphocyte proliferation
Rx for acute gout: inhibits PMN microtubule assembly
Acanthosis, parakeratosis, loss of granular layer
Gold standard test: fungi in skin hair and nails
Angel wing deformity of nails
Hydralazine and minocycline both cause?
Rx causing hyperuricemia
Codman triangle, sunburst pattern
Candida - labial commissure
Anti-Ro (SS-A) assoc w/ ? in newborn babies
Rx class: inh beta-1,3 glucan synthesis
exudate filled lesion
localized linear scleroderma
zoophilic variant of tinea corporis
acanthosis w/ basal hyperpigmentation
leathery skin in bilateral, diffuse, distal areas
Rx: Raynaud's
? predisposes to CPPD deposition diseases
fluid leakage into peripheral interlobular septa
MC electrolyte change with Lung SCC
Enteric tube with metal, weighted tip
Uniform, flesh colored papules that koebnerize
localized thickening and tightness of the skin of fingers or toes
Bowen's dz - ? in situ
proximal muscle weakness and light sensitive rash
estogen replacement therapy risk for?
lesion raised less than 1/2cm
Inflammatory reaction to yeast Pityrosporum
Explosive onset of pruritic SKs - sign of?
basilar vacuolation/hydropic degeneration of stratum basalis
Rx for SJS
Rx: Bind/cross-links DNA to block synthesis
MC neuro sx w/ lupus
Large deep Staph Aureus abscesses
TH1 or TH2: psoriasis
ending of selective NSAIDs

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