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Radiology: double duct sign
charcot's + hypotension & change in mental status
Location: polypoid carcinoma, obstruction rare
UGT1A1 coding mutation, conjugation absent
Complete twisting of a loop of bowel
MC GI malignancy
Invasion more in which adenomas?
straight line of contraction on manometry
“ringed esophagus” aka “tracheal-ization” of esophagus
Diffuse foamy appearance of swollen hepatocytes
constipation + cant pass gas
MCC bacterial enterocolitis in developed countries
hallmark of pill esophagitis
Measure of proximal intestinal function
MC inactivated tumor suppressor gene in pancreatic ca
MC mets for colon carcinoma
MCC Small bowel obstruction
Necrosis caused by alkaline injury?
Narrowing of lower esophagus causing difficulty swallowing
toxic product of Aspergillus flavus
Malformed submucosal and mucosal blood vessels
Full-thickness outpouchings of the esophageal wall, usu cervical
Key Tx for acute pancreatitis
Laxative class: Bisacodyl and Senna
MCC portal hypertension
Concentric peri-bile duct fibrosis
diarrhea type - IBD
Virus assoc w/ Natalizumab
macrophages crowd intestine + diarrhea, weight loss and malabsorption
child w/ parasite in appendix - MC?
Inheritance of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis
Liver dz: long-term low dose OCPs
Tx Entamoeba histolytica
Ulcers in late intestine +diarrhea. Dx?
Medium Chain Triglycerides transported via?
Prostaglandin analogues for ulcers
Crohn's dz - inc risk of?
Inflammatory cell assoc w/ acute viral hepatitis
Serum Albumin - Ascitic Albumin >1.1
Rx: competitively inhibits uptake transport protein (bilirubin)
6-MP metabolite most effective in controlling inflammation
UC or CD: ankylosing spondylitis, e nodosum
Measure of distal intestinal function
High gastrin, no acid. Dx?
liver dz: pruritis and elevated alk phos
colorectal CA - highest incidence in?
% pt w/ distant mets at dx of pancreatic CA
Angiodysplasia is ? % of major lower GI bleed
Alarm sx or age > 50, should do?
lymphoma exclusively in young males
Liver dz w/ inc NH3 and inc tendon reflexes
LAE patients are especially vulnerable to?
Candida species w/ inc potential for tissue invasion
triad of RUQ pain, jaundice, fever in Cholangitis
Specific test of hepatobiliary dysfunction
Usu location of mesenteric thrombosis due to atherosclerosis
flask shaped ulcer and liver abscess
diarrhea - high volume, persists w/ fasting
persistence of prox vitelline duct
MCC lower GI bleed
IBS MC in which ethnic group?
Hallmark: nuclear hyperchromasia, elongation and stratification
Abd CA w/ germline BRCA mutation
Dx: 'punched out' aphthae
UC or CD: PSC, p gangrenosum
GI hamartomas w/ hyperpigmented lips, hands, etc
diarrhea, sm volume, guaiac pos
most widely used Rx for UC
IBS regional enteritis (skip), transmural
marked reduction, or complete absence of myenteric ganglion cells
pancreatic neoplasm in young women
ALT or AST - mainly in liver
high alk phos with normal GGT - source?
MCC Upper GI bleed?
diarrhea - sm volume, dec w/ fasting
Key pattern for carcinoid tumor
Cure for UC
MC stomach malignancy
omega sign on abd xray
antibodies + in 95% primary biliary cirrhosis
MC type of esophageal CA
Given to get rid of ammonia in the GI tract
Anti-CD117 stain
Lack of brush border disaccharidase (MC)
Poor prognosis in adenocarcinoma w/ production of?
Crohn's: TH1 or TH2
inherited deficiency w/o cirrhosis - risk of HCC
Rx: prevent variceal re-bleeding
Earliest disease in Crohn's
Tx: Crigler-Najjar Type II
Bacteria - inc risk of colorectal CA
remove GB, CBD, part of duodenum, HOP
more often with alcohol than NASH
H/o vomiting, then emesis turned bloody
only human protozoa that lives in the duodenum
Rx: acute variceal bleeding
Failure of fusion of dorsal and ventral ducts
MC tumor of appendix
MC clinically significant deficiency in alpha-1-antitrypsin
Liver dz, women 20-40
Tx: Zenker's diverticula
CD4 T cells against parietal cell components
unconjugated bilirubin goes to kids' brain
pitch of bowel sounds with SBO or ileus
Prophylactic abx for varices?
Partial thickness traumatic esophageal tear
Most sensitive imaging for early pancreatitis
diarrhea type - sorbitol ingestion
Urea Beath Test for?
Impacted gallstone in cystic duct
Achalasia - inc risk of?
hallmark: surface epithelial damage w/ inc intraepithelial lymphocytes
UGT1A1 promoter mutation
hepatitis:ground-glass cytoplasmic change
Whipple's triad (hypoglycemia etc)
iron deficiency anemia - where is colon cancer?
diarrhea type - ZE
Dx: intrinsic malignant obstruction of BD
MC benign tumor
pt w/ cirrhosis suddenly decompensates
Test - Identifies lesions in distal 60cm
diarrhea type - enterotoxin
MCC chronic liver test elevation (USA)
pancreatitis & perf ulcer referred pain?
Sessile or pedunculated - highest risk of CA?
Crohn's mutation on chromosome 16
Dz producing agent in celiac disease
jaundice w/o + urine bilirubin is due to?
bowel sounds with peritonitis
diarrhea type - disaccharide deficiency
IBS limited to colon/rectum, mucosa/submucosa
obstructive or parenchymal: transaminases >400 U/L
ventral bud rotates in front of duodenum
MC location for pancreatic carcinoma
Cellular swelling with damage
MC CA assoc w/ celiac disease
Maintenance therapy for Crohn's dz
migratory thrombophlebitis due to procoagulants and platelet
Vit K absorption is dependent on ?
Laxative class: Polyethylene glycol
Test for hepatocellular carcinoma or germ cell neoplasm
MC genetic alteration in pancreatic CA
Tumor arising from Interstitial Cells of Cajal
FAP + osseous and soft tissue tumors
ALT or AST - more elevated in ETOH
upper GI bleed proximal to?
MC neoplastic polyps
pebble like stool
Laxative class: Docusates
sudden pain out of proportion to exam + heart dz
MC location for polyp
MC abx causing C. difficile overgrowth
Dev encephalopathy w/i 6 wks of onset of acute hepatitis
Low ? = severity of hepatocellular dysfunction
MC place for esophageal web
C/I to fundoplication
pt w/ UC and ? dz need immediate CA check
diarrhea - large volume, dec w/ fasting
Necrosis caused by acid injury?
pro drug metabolized to 6-MP
RLQ Dx: neutrophils in muscularis propria
AR, HFE gene on chromsome 6
IPMN: greater risk of associated carcinoma in?
Peritonitis - MC bacteria (besides E coli)
Tx for Wilson's dz
Long term tx w/ ? for aplastic anemia has HCC assoc
Location: annular with 'napkin-ring' constrictions and luminal obstruction
UC or CD: inc risk with tobacco
IBS tx if primary sx is constipation
incomplete relaxation of the ileus and complete lack of contraction
test for Wilson's dz (decreased)
Fibrosis that compresses the ureters
colicky, midabd pain, vomiting, obstipation
margination, molding, multi-nucleation
Rx that reduces portal blood flow
orderly peristaltic sequence w/ high amplitude on manometry
Initiating event of acute pancreatitis activates ?
MC mesenchymal tumor of abd
Test for ability to detoxify
Worst necrosis in chronic hepatitis
E histolytica resistant to gastric acid due to?
AD mutation of DNA mismatch repair genes
histiologic hallmark of Crohn's dz
Dx: trypsinogen and trypsin not inactivated
Colonic dilation and toxic megacolon - risk of?
flask like outpouchings along taeniae coli
esophageal webs, iron deficiency anemia, glossitis, and koilonychias
Test to monitor if enough fluids for pancreatitis
impairment of bile flow and failure to secrete bile
Rx c/i with 6-MP due to XO
Dx: trypsin activity not inhibited
Child w/ liver tumor, normal AFP
Test for B12 Absorption
Tx for Aortoenteric fistulas?
MC site for Gastric adenocarcinoma

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