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Worst CHF prognosis: high serum?
Inverted P wave - which atrial pacemaker
Every ? mmHg double risk for stroke
Decrease slope of phase 4 depolarization
Sx: rash, fever, carditis, polyarthritis, chorea
MCC chronic mitral regurgitation
Triad: Inc JVP (steep x), low BP, quiet heart
MC type of ASD
IE organism: IVDA
Aortic aneurysm assoc w/ ?
Ideal systolic BP
Sx: palpable purpura on butt/legs, arthralgia, GI
Channel blocked: Class III
Young Asian female with 'pulseless dz'
Effect on afterload: ACE inhibitor
Classical exam finding in pericarditis
Drug inducing inverted T waves
Nitro c/i with?
RAD and Tall R in V1/V2 > 5mm
EKG: Accessory pathway with antegrade conduction
Channel blocked: Class IV
Electrolyte imbalance that inc digitalis toxicity
Angina tx: reduce O2 demands, increase O2 supply
Triple apical impulse and palpable S4
Small, warty, tan vegetations along closure of valve
Bulky friable vegetations extending to valve cords
Acute vasculitis of coronary arteries
Regional wall motion during stress in CAD ischemia
Which hypertrophy: ASD
Name ending for K channel openers
Small-vessel vasculitis with lung/kidney involvement
Virus assoc w/ kaposi's sarcoma
Exaggerated inspiratory drop in SBP > 10mmHg
Mech: Stop Na/K ATPase to + intropy
Channel imp for depol of SA node
MCC secondary HTN
Syndrome assoc w/ cystic medial degeneration
no pre-systolic accentuation in mitral stenosis during?
Asymmpotomatic young male athletes with ST elevation in many leads
Ex of endothelin receptor antagonist
Take hydralazine, what test might be +?
Vascular tumor w/ lymphedema or after radiation
Name ending for CCBs
Cardiomyopathy presenting with systolic CHF
MVP click closer to S1 or S2 with inc preload
MC congenital heart defect presenting in adults
Name an aldosterone blocker
Tx recommended for primary VF?
long PR interval > ? sec
Interaction w/nitrates: inc plasma conc
Axis deviation +90 to 180
Obligate R->L shunt at atrial septum, dep on VSD
MC form of childhood systemic vasculitis
Electrolyte imbalance leading to Torsades
Worst prognosis in aortic stenosis
Opening snap
Syndrome leading to chordal rupture
LDL guideline for Diabetic
Monitor lung, thyroid, liver, eyes
Sawtooth waves on EKG
pulse pressure normally ? with age
Sign of impaired late filling due to pressure overload
Decreased pulse in beat after ectopic beat
Roth spots, Osler's nodes, Janeway lesions, Splinter hemorrhages
PCWP is an estimate of which pressure?
Vasculitis: inflammation at intima-media jcn
Vasculitis: assoc w/ hepatitis B
P-mitrale aka bifid P wave
'Boringly regular' wide complex tachycardia
Diastolic rumble after opening snap
small box = ? sec
MVP click closer to S1 or S2 with anxiety
RSR' in V1 or V2
VSD: risk of irreversible pulmonary HTN after age?
Sm-Med red vegetations along line of closure
Causes restenosis after angioplasty
Inherited cause of AV Re-Entrant Tachycardia
Vascular tumor w/ arsenic, vinyl chloride, thorotrast
ACEI, ARB - indicated for HTN + ?
Atrial waveform: Rapid early filling of RV/LV
MC pediatric heart tumor
Drug to keep PDA open?
BB, ACEI - indicated for HTN + ?
Mech: increase CBF, reduce MVO2
Drug to close PDA?
Name ending for PDE inhibitor
Rheumatic fever - inflammatory process after infection with?
What % has no more coronary flow reserve
Activated histiocytes assoc w/ rheumatic fever
Tx for strawberry hemangioma
Axis deviation -30 to -90
IE organism: prosthetic valve
Crescendo-Decrescendo systolic murmur
Chest leads V5, V6 are which wall?
SE: reflex tachycardia and drug-induced lupus
Improve lifespan: ARBs, BB and?
Cardiomyopathy with dilated atria
Effect on PR interval: BB, CCB, Dig, Amiodarone
Chronic mitral stenosis leads to dilation of?
Pulsus tardus et parvus
Sign of impaired early filling due to volume overload
IE organism: native but previous damaged/abnml valve
Vasculitis: inflammation at adventitia-media jcn
Na channel blocker: dec refractory period
Tx: Transposition of Great Arteries
MC location for aortic aneurysms
Inherited cause of tall R wave in V1/V2 (not WPW)
Fusion of the cusps (aortic stenosis)
Q wave wide than 0.04s is considered?
Ductus dependent? Transposition of great arteries
MC adult heart tumor
Angina tx: reduce O2 demands, indirectly increase O2 supply
No fusion of the cusps (aortic stenosis)
Ductus dependent? TAPVC
MC type of VSD
VSD: likelihood of spontaneous closure before age?
Cardiomyopathy with pulsus alternans
Heart defect often due to congenital rubella
CABG or PCI? Diabetic
MCC holosystolic murmur
Same effect of standing in HCM and?
IE organism: colon cancer
Channel imp for depol of ventricular myocytes
HCM - effect on intensity of standing/valsalva
Major mediator of microvascular vasodilation and increased CBF
Cause of paroxysmal atrial tachycardia with block (PAT)
Interaction w/ nitrates: increased clearance
THIAZ, ACEI - indicated for HTN + ?
Stage 1 HTN initial tx?
Myxomatous degeneration
Valve dz assoc w/ rheumatic fever
ACEI cough and angioedema due to?
Vasculitis: spectrum of histiologic changes
Which hypertrophy: Aortic stenosis
Pericardial knock
Cardiac specific CCB:
Digitalis Toxicity: cant dialyze so give?
Left to right AND right to left shunt with cyanosis
Dissection or aneurysm: assoc w/ HTN
systolic BP in hypertensive crisis
Hypoxia leads to higher ? inside cells
Leads I and aVL are which wall?
CHF therapy that dec sudden death
Hypertrophy with LBBB and low voltage
Interaction of nitrates with acetylcysteine
MC congenital cardiac anomaly causing death in neonate
Granuloma w/ giant cells assoc w/ rheumatic fever
Radiological sign: double barrel aorta
Improve CP of pericarditis by?
Rx: Convert SVT to NSR; half life less than 10s
MCC acquired mitral stenosis
Greater contractility and preload after PVC are called
Wide pulse pressure and bounding pulse with LVH
Pt with Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia also have
Equalization of elevated intracardiac pressures - impairment of ?
Infectious indirect cause of aortic insufficiency
Interaction w/ nitrates: inc nitro conc
Tx: Prinzmetal angina
Necrotizing vasculitis, granulomas in lung, glomerulonephritis
Standard Lead with negative QRS
Effect on EF: digoxin
MCC out-of-hostpital SCD
Mech: Inc cGMP and open K channels
Improves outcomes when added post MI
RSR' in V5 or V6
Na channel blocker: slow rate of binding
tall P wave > 2.5mm
Calcium sensitizing agent
2 day old with cyanosis, CHF, shock suggests?
Ig assoc w/ Henoch-Schonlein purpura
Lab to dx CHF
Wide and fixed splitting of S2
Vasculitis: young male smokes heavily
Endothelial injury -> monocyte adhesion ->?
LVH leads to ? dysfunction
'shaggy' fibrinous adhesions covering epicardial and pericardial surfaces
Sm-Med vegetations on both sides
Na channel blocker: inc refractory period
Diffuse ST elevation with PR depression
Vasculitis: C-ANCA
Which is worse: VT or AIVR?
Maximal coronary blood flow in?
Diastolic phase with most filling
Layer of vessel affected by Dissection
Systolic BP b/t stage I and II HTN
Pulm veins don't connect to LA; innominate veins
Minutes for myocardial necrosis to start
LAD and R (V5/V6) + S (V1/V2) > 35mm
Spike-and-Dome Bisferians arterial pulse
SCD recurrence higher in?
Impairment of diastolic filling due to abrupt fluid accumulation
pulsus paradoxus
Aschoff bodes are characteristic of?
Leads II, III, and aVF are which wall?
LV pressure in diastole = which pressure
ACEI, ARB, and BB - indicated for HTN+?
Rheumatic fever - antibodies to which proteins?

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