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Removal of breast, pec minor and axillary lymph node
Rx: adjuvant therapy for ER+ premenopausal breast Ca
intraurethral Rx for ED
measure seminal vesciles - dilated due to?
Infection causing bladder CA
first line hormonal therapy of metastatic breast Ca in postmeno
MCC abnml uterine bleeding in adolescence
Tx: stimulate ovary - induce endogenous FSH release
CA most strongly associated w/ obesity
MC site of mets in metastatic breast cancer
dilatation of ducts, inspissated (thick) secretions
division of ovum after 13 days
Contraceptive w/ SE: irregular bleeding, weight gain, bone loss
lobular (breast) carcinoma in situ is assoc w/ invasive cancer where ?
Progestin in BCPs derived from spironolactone
HPV: Degrades p53 in the host cell
Syndrome: AD w/ 85% penetrance, BRCA
MC histology of cervival CA
presence of endometrial glands in uterine myometrium
HTN dx in first 20 weeks of pregnancy
malignant germ cell tumor: PLAP, Oct 3/4, cKIT
Composition of staghorn stone
Tumor, sx: precocious puberty, hyperandrogenism, pelvic mass/pain
Still a cause of maternal and fetal death
'powder burn' lesions
Most important prognostic factor in breast Ca
MC location of transitional cell cancer
pain with sex
Worst SE of Magnesium sulfate
Rx w/ SE: endometrial polyps
best imaging modality for tubal infertility
Major SE of contraceptive implants
Lowest contraceptive failure rates
MCC male infertility in the world
L1 proteins from HPV strains self-assemble into non-infectious units called?
malignant germ cell tumor: AFP
most prostate CA develops in which zone?
highest risk of prostate CA starting at what age?
Type of incontinence: neurogenic dysfunction
% of simple hyperplasia that progressed to cancer
hormone causing ovulation
Deletion or unbalanced translocation of chromosome 3 (VKL gene)
trophoblastic proliferation, cystic villi, no fetal tissue
implantation into cornu of uterus or lower uterine segment
#1 killer of neonates
bleeding but os is open or closed, but still viable pregnancy
testicular torsion perinatal only
amenorrhea w/ high serum androgens, nl estrogen, low progesterone
Classic path change - failure of conversion of maternal vessels from low volume-high resistance to a high volume-low resistance system
tx: stress urinary incontinence that inc sphincter tone
MC Tx of superficial bladder cancer
Why is stage I breast Ca 10-year survival only 75%?
Most important RF for uterine CA
6 months w/o period
Type II endometrial carcinoma assoc w/ ?
Any condition irritating the periotoneal lining inc which marker?
malignant germ cell tumor: beta HCG
elevated seminal leukocyte count aka?
MCC abnml uterine bleeding in postmenopausal
C/I for anticholinergic therapy
HRT: w/ uterus, need estrogen and ?
MC method of contraception
Name: loss of cell polarity, inc N:C, irreg shape, prominent nucleoli
Malignant tumor of admixed proliferating trophoblasts, no villi
Permanent cessation of menses x1yr w/ high FSH, low E2
MC ovarian tumor (and cancer)
umbilical cord inserts into the fetal membranes
MC benign growth in breast
postmenopausal, complex hyperplasia w/ atypia - tx?
Abnormally deep implantation onto the myometrium
mech of finasteride, dutasteride
MCC of amenorrhea (after pregnancy)
Amniotic Fluid Index >90th %ile
ovarian neoplasm w/ 3 germinal layers
'blue dot' sign and pain related to inflammation
2nd most common primary site of mets to ovary
Antigen that lyses seminal coagulum
Breast duct/lobule cells that produce milk
class of Rx for urge incontinence to tighten outlet
MCC UTO in male children
Targeted therapy for HER2+ breast CA
Sv consequence of anovulatory cycle
Most common estrogenic ovarian tumor
CA w/ high rate of extra-uterine dz, NO myometrial invasion of tumor
Best available protection against STIs
MC histiological subtype of endometrial CA
Appendix testes remnant of ?
twins share chorion but one gets more blood flow
Renal CA assoc w/ Von Hippel-Lindau
Sperm with DNA damage is assoc w/ ?
proliferation marker in endometrial cycle
BPH Rx SE: orthostasis, dizziness, fall risk
MC gynecological CA worldwide
Tumor marker for dysgerminoma
MC testicular tumor
Hemangioblastoma of cerebellum and retina, renal cysts and RCC
% of simple atypical hyperplasia that progressed to cancer
MC site of involvement in endometriosis
trophoblastic proliferation, fetus or fetal tissue present
HTN after 20 wk w/o proteinuria
Induce fetal lung maturity - give mom ?
Tumor from dense fibroconnective tissue of the breast
% of complex hyperplasia that progressed to cancer
Type of incontinence: outlet obstruction
Endometrium that has been hormonally influenced by pregnancy
HTN after 20 wk gestation assoc w/ proteinuria
Lady on tamoxifen w/ post-menopausal bleeding - next step?
Oral contraceptive in breastfeeding woman
Chromosome 17, 85% lifetime breast Ca risk
Contraception w/ dec efficacy at higher BMI i.e. >198 lbs
MC neoplasm in young men
HPV: Binds rB allowing for cell immortalization
MC group of aneuploidy in spont ab
MC site to endometriosis
MC ovarian germ cell tumor
Molecular? Type I, proliferative - simple hyperplasia
Signet ring cells in ovary = ?
MC site of ectopic pregnant
Adnexal mass in reproductive age female, first r/o?
antepartum hemorrhage after 20 wks
Targeted therapy for ER+ breast CA
Endometrial glands/stroma implanted outside uterine cavity/walls
Mech: Change in transport speed of the ovum
Uterine size discrepant from dates
If surgery unavailable for testicular torson, reduce by twisting?
pau d' orange, cancer cells in dermal lymphatics
Chemo combo for advanced bladder CA
Flow of urine in retrograde fashion (to kidney) w/ voiding
screening for nonpalpable breast masses
Marker WT-1
male contraceptive = exogenous hormone?
Proper name for 'chocolate cyst'
Papillary projections surrounded by Schiller-Duval bodies
Converts androgens to estrogen
Tx PUV: Incise valve to damage leaflet
Colposcopy: cells w/ inc collagen turn white w/ ?
abnormal dev of chorionic villi in pregnancy can become?
Appendix epididymis remnant of ?
hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and anosmia
monoclonal ab to HER-2 neu
Hallmark pathological finding of granulosa cell tumots
Higher percent of free PSA (25%+)
Type of cancer after tx for mediastinal mass in college age woman
Tumor marker for choriocarcinoma, embryonal carcinoma
Mutation in mucinous ovarian tumors
oligohydramnios and 'key hole' sign
Given to prevent CW recurrence at mastectomy site
IUD c/i in Wilson's disease
Varicocele finding on U/S
Rx SE: PSA drops in half, ED, loss of libido
reflex test to triage ASCUS pap smear in women > 21
MCC testis CA >50yo
medical tx: urge incontinence
Ovarian tumor w/ KRAS and BRAF mutations
MC breast carcinoma in situ
MC cystic mass in reproductive-age women
Syndrome w/ inc risk of colon, ovarian, endometrial, breast and uroepithelial CA
20-25% of adnexal masses, dx b/t age 10-30yo
Tx: antagonist in breast; agonist in endometrium
hormonal therapy of metastatic breast Ca causing chemical castration
beta 2 receptors cause uterine ?
How to stage endometrial CA
e of incontinence: unstable bladder
Thin, long unilocular mass, associated with period
Long acting Rx for ED
Most important reason fertility dec w/ female age is increasing ?
intraabdominal pregnancy, later found in a 60yo woman
Main mode of spread of ovarian cancer
MC trisomy in spontaneous abortion
Kidney CA stage T4, invades
MC gynecologic CA
Other name for ovarian fibroma
normal strict morphology required to bind to?
MCC Epididymal Orchitis in young men
Rx: adjuvant therapy for postmenopausal breast Ca
Dz: epidermis of nipple contains tumor cells
Penile CA 0% in men who are ?
Grading scheme for prostatic adenocarcinoma
Cells that convert adrenal steroids to estrone
Class of Rx for urge incontinence to dec contractility
Zone sampled in pap smear and biopsy
MC infiltrating breast Ca
MC composition of kidney stones
Chromosome of BRCA-2
Perimenopausal uterine bleeding, first step?
Call-Exner bodies, Inhibin+
sudden huge increase in PSA likely due to?
first line hormonal therapy of metastatic breast Ca in premenopausal
Tx: tubal factor infertility
Lab value inc if patient is not making sperm
Special type breast CA, high grade but good prognosis
Mutation assoc w/ high grade endometrioid tumors
low value w/ anovulation: failure to centrally stimulate follicular growth
MC aneuploidy in abortuses
exogenous testosterone leads to ? type of kidney stones
MC tumor of myometrium
Tx symptomatic bone mets (prostate CA)
Stage: detected from elevated PSA alone, normal DRE & TRUS
MC renal tumor
acute infection w/ obstruction -1st step?
Bilateral ovarian mets w/ signet ring
Origin of 90% ovarian cancers (aka MC form)
Prevent sz in preeclampsia
Tumor marker of seminoma
Tumor marker of stromal cell tumors
breast path - clown face
Tx of choice for vaginal atrophy
Assoc w/ uterine hyperplasia/CA in postmenopausal women
Molecular? Type I, simple - complex hyperplasia
Inc prolif of glands rel to stroma 2/2 inactivation of ? gene
% of complex atypical hyperplasia that progressed to cancer
Bladder cancer sx in 85% of cases
MC type of endometrial carcinoma
Tumor marker for endodermal sinus tumor, embryonal carcinoma
Condition during lactation, mimics inflammatory breast cancer

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