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corpus luteum secretes?
Class: Inc tissue respose to insulin by activating PPAR
Bilateral streak gonads, Eunuchoid proportions
MCC primary hyperaldosteronism
Rx: block GTPase binding, flatten ruffled border
women's basal body temp rises due to?
Part of 'polyol pathway' that results in neuropathy
how to measure volume depletion?
Effect of PTH on kidney excretion of phos
Turns dark brown in Zenker's fixative
MC pineal region mass
Tx hypercalcemia: fluids, then ?
Effect of cytosolic Ca++ on PTH
Hypernatremia, hypokalemia, HTN, high renin
MC deficient enzyme in CAH
C-cells derived from?
MODY2 assoc w/ which enzyme mutation?
Statin + fibrates: risk of?
Tx: vitamin D intoxication
gland - tumor causes precocious puberty
resorption of distal phalanx
Converts D-glucose to sorbitol
Rx that is RF for fx
high alk phos, low (calcium x phos) product
currently, MCC Addison's disease
human monoclonal antibody against RANKL
worst outcome of diabetic retinopathy?
how to measure dehydration?
heart condition assoc w/ Turner's
Rx: blocks conversion of T4 to T3 and used in pregnancy
DM, fasting plasma glucose > ?
Tx: diabetic retinopathy
Urinary and serum N-telopeptide are increased
DM I with blunted neuro sx; first sx of hypoglycemia?
Product of kidney - neg feedback to suppress PTH
'brown tumors' and severe hypercalcemia
MC autoimmune endocrine dz
MC bacteria assoc w/ Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome
Tx for lactic acidosis: bypass formation of lactate
Treat DKA - effect on potassium?
T score between -1 and -2.5
DM: postprandial lipema b/c insulin regulates?
Follicular cells of thyroid derived from?
Low ACTH, High Cortisol, no suppression w/ high dose Dex
17-alpha hydroxylase/ 17,20 lyase deficiency results in excess ?
Tx osteoporosis: anabolic agents
band keratopathy, HTN, cardiac arrhythmia, short QT interval
AD, inactivating heterozygous mutation, hypercalcemia w/ no sequelae
mitochondrial disease = early onset diabetes + ?
infiltrative cause of hypopituitarism
46XY Complete Gonadal Dysgenesis
historically, MCC Addison's disease
DM or DI: dehydration only?
BMD 2.5+ SD below young adult female
Diabetic autonomic dz - ED correlates w/ ?
Effect of acidosis on ionized Calcium
systemic and adreogenic sx in female, testosterone > 200, DHEAS > 700 - tumor?
hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and anosmia
Hurthle cells and lymphoid follicles
Flattened weight chart: IGF-1 low but IGF BP3 is normal ?
Reversible schiff base to irreversible?
type of PO calcium to give for Severe hypocalcemia
MC hormonal abnormality assoc w/ pituitary adenomas
Infection during infancy assoc w/ higher rate of DM type I
Medullary thyroid CA, pheo, parathyroid hyperplasia
High ACTH, High Cortisol, Suppression of 17OH-corticosteroid w/ high dose Dex
MCC primary hyperparathyroidism
Test - familial hypercalcemia v. primary hyperparathyroidism
DM: Albuminuria >? mg/24 h
Activating mutation of CaSR causes?
Abscence of uterus, externally female, serum T and LH inc
DM: eruptive xanthomas due to high?
Absence of uterus, CN 8 deafness, renal abnormalities
HNF - 1alpha assoc w/ which monogenic syndrome?
oncocytic metaplasia of follicular cells
First line tx for osteoporosis
hyperprolactinemia 2/2 stalk effect is due to decrease of?
DM type I + hypothyroid + hyperpigmentation, likely dx?
DM - Rx to lower triglycerides
Painful thyroid - multinucleated giant cells and acute inflammation w/ destruction of follicles
volume depletion/dehydration in DM due to ?
hirsutism - 1st r/o ?
ambiguous genitalia at birth + salt-wasting
Hypernatremia, hypokalemia, HTN, low renin
ketoacidosis from adipocytes + ?
leonine facies, edema of extremities due to CHF
nml PTH but kidney resistance to PTH
Give w/ thiazide diuretic to treat hypocalcemia
MCC of hyperandrogenic anovulation
CAH pathway: defective conversion of progesterone to 11-deoxycorticosterone
thyroid carcinoma w/ empty nuclei and psamomma bodies
malignancy - high ca, low p, low pth due to?
knuckle knuckle dimple knuckle
Extremely slow release (peak-less) insulin analogue
MCC ectopic ACTH production
Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum - send pt to?
CPT-1 transports the FFA into ?
Why you stop metformin before surgery etc
hyperglycemia, absence of ketosis and hyperosmolar state
follicular hyperplasia of thymus assoc w/ ?
MCC adrenogenital synrome
MCC: effacement of acinar pattern in pituitary
Tap facial nerve -> ipsi facial muscles contract
elevated urinary VMA, HVA
Measure of how much beta cell dysfunction there is
bacteremia + adrenal hemorrhage
Tetany, chvostek's, trousseau's etc
Inactivating mutation of CaSR - presents at ?
hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is a problem of the?
Effect of alkalosis on ionized Calcium
pituitary infarct from postpartum hemorrhage
decoy receptor that prevents RANKL binding to RANK
Osteoclast derived TRAP is elevated
parathyroid, pancrease, pituitary ?
keratin pearls - histologically characteristic of ?
Nucleus - 24hr cycle timekeeper
Major worldwide cause of hypocalcemia
Test to eval cornification of vaginal epithelium
Give ACEI and GFR plunges - block in ?
- thickened cortical/trabecular bone
Intermediate acting insulin aka ?
Impaired mineralization of new bone matrix in adults
parathyroid hyperplasia - hereditary due to ?
BMD c/w someone your own age, gender, and ethnicity
CAH pathway: defective conversion of 17-OH progesterone to 11-deoxycortisol
Inflate BP 10mmHg above systolic and hold -> carpal spasm
Milkman's fractures/'Looser's Zone'/pseudofractures
Differentiation of ovarian interstitial cells into steroidogenically active luteinized stromal cells
fewer than 6-8 cycles/year
Silent dz until fracture occurs
low HCO3 in DKA means ?
Tx: Paget's
Dense fibrosis replacement of thyroid gland w/ extension into adjacent tissues
sella tumor w/ biphasic peak in children and middle aged adults
adipocytes dont develop properly, fat goes into organs
MCC hypercalcemia
Rx: dec hepatic glucose production
Gene assoc w/ APS1
HHNS Tx - 1st step?
Predictor of CHD in Type II DM
Medullary thyroid CA, pheo, mucosal neuromas, marfanoid features
Rachitis rosary on CXR
infant w/ big tongue, umbilical hernia, open fontanelle, poor feeding and growth, lethargy
co-localized w/ insulin in granules, co-secreted
Osteoporosis - excess RANKL and not enough ?
DKA Tx - 1st step?
estradiol less than 5; FSH > 40; dx ?
highest power Rx: Inc beta cell insulin secretion
cardiac, abnormal facies, thymic hypoplasia, cleft palate, hypocalemia
Proliferative stage of diabetic retinopathy defined by?
Syndrome - toxic nodule in multinodular goiter
class: Acarbose, miglitol
Tx lactic acidosis - 1st step?
High ACTH, High Cortisol, no suppression w/ high dose Dex
Tx: refractory hypercalcemia

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