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Test to assess functional status of thyroid tissue
elderly w/ weight loss, anorexia, constipation, tachy, afib, cognitive dysfunction
Tx acromegaly, failing somatostatin analogues
mediates most of the effects of GH on somatic growth
Type of DI w/ high ADH
Useful for thyroid Ca surveillance post surgery and radioiodine ablation
unexplained hyperkalemia, age > 60
Gold standard for dx of adrenal insufficiency
AMH, inhibin, activins, and aromatase secreted by?
escutcheon type - androgen deficient after puberty
The only pituitary adenoma where surgery is not considered first-line
post adrenalectomy - risk of ?
priamry adrenal insuff - BUN goes ?
Rate limiting step for thyroid hormone synthesis
male breast enlargement caused by inc dipose tissue
primary AI effect on renin?
Dx: CRH stim -> exaggerated rise in ACTH
how does hyperprolactinemia cause gynecomastia
Cortisol + 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase = ?
5-alpha-reductase converts testosterone to ?
how to tell organic from psychogenic ED
effect of insulin resistance on sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
Visual field defect w/ pituitary mass
hypothalamus is derived from the ?
Acts via cyclic AMP to inc permability of the tubular cell to water
MCC acute thyroiditis (category)
only synthetic corticosteroid not tested by the cortisol assay
Hypothyroidism w/ very high mortality
growth of lower jaw
After pituitary surgery, change in water balance due to no?
Rx that causes goiter in 6% of chronic users
Hormone imp for parturation and lactation?
ADH secreted by the ?
Adrenal layer - cortisol (less), DHEA, androstenedione
Test for lack of diurnal rhythm of cortisol
Elevated prolactin w/o clinical sx, lab should do?
Rx: block MR receptor
Adrenal dz caused by sarcoidosis
unique enzyme in glomerularis
Inhibin from sertoli cells inhibits GnRH and ?
anosmia and lack of secual development
High androgen states effect on TBG?
Test to evaluate thyroid nodularity
Tx: secondary and tertiry AI
cafe-au-lait spots, precocious puberty, acromegaly, thyrotoxicosis
acid base disturbance caused by 2nd hypoaldosteronism
endocrine condition w/ absolute eosinophilia
men, permanent virilization of the hypothalamus occurs?
Abnormal bend of penis during erection
Secondary amenorrhea after D&C
Marijuana and methadone cause gynecomastia by dec ?
testicle in inguinal canal, undeveloped
adenohypophysis (ant pit) develops from?
Exophthalmos, lytic bone lesions, DI
dopamine receptor agonist
MCC goiter and hypothyroid in US
AR dz involving epithelial Na channel
High estrogen states effect on TBG?
ACTH dependent - next test?
DM, optic atrophy, deafness - also expect what sx?
ID Rx w/ SE of nephrogenic DI
Endogenous cause for low RAIU w/ hyperthyroid sx
Hyponatremia w/ hypoosmolarity, euvolemic
Prolactin is excreted by ?
Old test used to evalutate binding proteins
Tumor from Rathke's pouch
Gynecomastia w/ Inc LH, Dec T
aging causes which testicular deficiency?
dx: tufting of terminal phalanges
Pituitary adenoma, Parathyroid hyperplasia, Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
hyperpigmentation, striae, truncal obesity, hyperandrogenism
MC thyroid Ca
Test for dec feedback inhibition of cortisol
p450 cleaves cholesterol side chains to make?
Worst form of Thyroid Ca
2nd adrenal insuff at delivery, in women w/ significant blood loss
phenotype switches from female to male at puberty
Test for overproduction of cortisol
Leydig cells produce which hormone?
MCC secondary aldosterone deficiency
MC pituitary lesion
Size of adrenals w/ autoimmune dz
Psychoactive agent that can cause gynecomastia
Hyperthryoidism w/ very high mortality
MCC thyrotoxicosis
iodide is stored w/i thyroid as?
MCC primary adrenal insuff in western world
Small but firm testicles - dx?
Way to measure central ACTH
Hormone - dev of epididymis, vas def, seminal vesicle
Painless woody goiter and sclerosing cholangitis
Vaccine preventable cause of acquired testicular damage
First test to check for acromegaly
prolactinoma sx but low serum prolactin due to?
Test to eval thyroid nodule/mass for malignancy
21-hydroxylase deficiency aka?
48 hrs of Dex differentiates Cushing's from ?
Inheritance of Kallman's syndrome
Measured to release vasopressin at carotid sinus and aortic arch
HTN in Cushing's b/c cortisol activates the ? receptor
skeleton type - androgen deficient before puberty?
Hemorrhage into pituitary - aka?
MCC tertiary adrenal insufficiency
Blue nevi, cardiac myxomas, schwannoma, testicle/ovary tumor
Persistent hyperkalemia w/o obv cause
SE: 2nd aldosterone deficiency - besides BB and NSAID
Rx: Inhibits growth hormone
androgen deficient in third trimester - sx?
primary adrenal insuff - Na goes ?
dopamine agonist w/ SE: nausea, orthostasis
Elevated GH/IGF-1 not suppressed by oral glucose tolerance test
Rx that greatly increases iodine
MCC painful thyroid goiter
Tx for central DI
Common precursor increases prolactin due to decreased?
Baby w/ Na wasting, hypovolemia, hyperkalemia, very high aldo
Lack of ?results in impermeability of collecting duct to water/marked diuresis
Stimulates w/ CRH, suppresses w/ high dose Dex
testosterone level in androgen resistance syndromes
Reduction in thyroid hormone levels from ingesting large amt iodine
DI-like sx but inc AVP w/ water deprivation and doesnt respond to DDAVP
Test for non-toxic MNG
Psych Rx w/ SE of nephrogenic DI
Dx: high ESR, low TSH, High T4 >T3, Low anti=TPO/Tgb
2nd adrenal insufficiency lacks?
primary testicular failure - low testosterone, ? LH
polydipsia, polyuria, large urine volume, inappropriately dilute urine
Abnml migration of GnRH and olfactory neurons
hormone - dev of prostate, ext genitalia
Tx: goiter w/ compressive sx in unhealthy individuals
Test to dx papillary thyroid Ca
In which gender is thyroid malignancy w/ nodule more likely?
Neoplasia of the parafollicular cell
Satiety signal
male w/ female phenotype, lack axillary/pubic hair
weakness, N/V, weight loss, hyperpigmentation, vitiligo, orthostatic hypotension
T3/T4 are bound by albumin, TBG, and ?
Hyperthalamic temp instability w/ alt fevers
Adrenal layer - cortisol (more)
Adrenal layer - aldosterone
1st tx for Thyroid Storm
Ending of Rx to tx: SIADH
CRH does not stimulate, High Dose Dex does not suppress
Gynecomastia w/ Inc LH, Inc T, nml TSH
Measured to release vasopressin at anterolateral hypothalamus
Gynecomastia w/ inc hcg - concern for ?
Test to Dx DI
Gynecomastia w/ Inc LH, Inc T, dec TSH
Acromegaly - MCC death due to enlargement of?
Test for HPA axis or GH axis deficiency
Effect of amiodarone on RAIU
Gynecomastia w/ nml LH, Dec T, nl PRL
SE: prim aldosterone deficiency - besides ACEI/ARBs
Diffuse toxic goiter on RAIU (hot) - dx?
Acute or subacute thyroiditis: RAIU normal
Insulin tolerance test c/i in pt w/ sz and ?
toxic adenoma: tx in US w/ cure rate > 80%
Adrenalytic Rx that can elevate liver enzymes
Rx: Graves Dz (non-compressive)
bioavailable testosterone is NOT bound to?
low 8am cortisol, high ACTH
Painless hyperthyroid -> hypothyroid that resolves after a year
Rx class: flutamide, finasteride, dutasteride
Thyroid Ca that invades blood vessels early

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