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Forced Order
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IQ's increase every decade
Understanding yourself
Able to control body
Translated IQ test to English
Better at verbal tasks, math calculation, and recognizing feelings
Acquired knowledge of the world
Later-born children have lower IQ's
Logical thinking
Non-verbal IQ tests which are less influenced by cultural differences
Ability to reason logically (Book Smarts)
Undertstanding others
Ability to solve real world problems (Street Smarts)
Ability to come up with new and effective solutions to problems
An attempt to improve the gene pool
Different ways of thinking about the world
Ability to see patterns in nature
Created first IQ test
Better at spatial tasks and math reasoning
Variability within group due to genetics
Fear of confirming a negative stereotype
What does IQ stand for?
Ability to speak
Understanding rhythm
Learning new ways to solve problems
Ability to see things in space

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