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Can you name the details about Wesley from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'?

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Forced Order
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Full name
Portrayed by (actor)
First appearance (episode)
Native of this country
Member of this organisation
Fired after this Slayer went rogue
Adopts this as his new profession
Temporary boss of this detective agency
Romantic interest on 'Buffy'
Girlfriend in 'Angel' season 2
Has a physical relationship with this Wolfram & Hart employee
In love with this physicist
Keeps this woman prisoner in his closet
Impersonates this vampire
Makes a deal with this vampire hunter
Kidnaps this child
According to Giles, he has the emotional maturity of a
Has difficulty diciphering this word from the Aberjian scrolls
Killed by
This character holds him as he dies
Fill in the blanks: 'Remember the three key words for any Slayer: ___________, ___________, ___________.'
'My ass is not _____!'
'We're not running a race. We're doing a job... one _____ at a time
'I've been accused of a great many things in my time, but ________ has never been one of them, unless people have been saying it behind my back.'

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