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Can you name the details about Lorne from 'Angel'?

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Forced Order
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Full name
Also known as
Portrayed by (actor)
First appearance (episode)
Home dimension
Owns this karaoke bar
Club is enchanted by these women
Can read people's auras when they do this
Favourite drink
Harmony's nickname for him
Performs at this casino in Las Vegas
This body part is severed after returning home
Dislikes this musical composer
This character sucks information out of his head
His aggressive subconsious manifests after he has this removed
Head of this branch of Wolfram & Hart
Serves as narrator for this episode
Finds a spell to restore this character's memory
Goes by this name in Angel's hallucination
Shoots and kills this character
Last line on the show
Fill in the blanks: 'How come every time you and me hit the big city, we end up in a _______? Snoresville.'
'Oh, why, yes, Angel. My ____ should grow back in a couple of days. So kind of you to be concerned.'
'I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say, if all you're gonna do is switch back to brood mode, we'd rather have you evil. Then, at least, _______ _____.'
'The Divine Miss J walked right through that door and into ___ _____.... Which is where my heart is. Physiologically.'

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