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Can you name actors who guest starred on 'How I Met Your Mother'?

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CharacterActorEpisode (1st appearance)
HimselfFalse Positive
HimselfP.S. I Love You
Kevin VenkataraghavanThe Stinson Missile Crisis
CindyGirls Versus Suits
Randy WharmpessRebound Bro
Sandy RiversMary the Paralegal
Katie ScherbatskyFirst Time in New York
HimselfP.S. I Love You
Simon TremblaySandcastles in the Sand
Arthur HobbsThe Chain of Screaming
Garrison CootesThe Naked Truth
Jessica GlitterGlitter
Hammond DruthersAldrin Justice
ThemselvesSlapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
HimselfGirls Versus Suits
SarahMoving Day
Blah BlahHow I Met Everyone Else
AbbyTen Sessions
James StinsonSingle Stamina
ClintHow Lily Stole Christmas
HimselfP.S. I Love You
HimselfSandcastles in the Sand
KarenSorry, Bro
Quinn GarveyThe Drunk Train
HerselfThe Yips
CharacterActorEpisode (1st appearance)
Zoey PiersonArchitect of Destruction
Steve 'The Blitz' HenryBlitzgiving
Mr. BloomChallenge Accepted
HimselfThe Best Burger in New York
RoyceThe Wedding Bride
HerselfSandcastles in the Sand
GusBedtime Stories
BeckySubway Wars
ScooterThe Best Prom Ever
HimselfP.S. I Love You
Jefferson Van SmootRobots Versus Wrestlers
Brad MorrisTed Mosby: Architect
Laura GirardThe Platinum Rule
HimselfWhere Were We?
HimselfMonday Night Football
HimselfThe Bro Mitzvah
Mickey AldrinSlapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
CurtisComing Back
Reverend Robert LowellKnight Vision
Coat Check GirlOkay Awesome
LinusComing Back
HimselfThe Bro Mitzvah
Daryl LaCoutreThe Final Page - Part One
Stella ZinmanTen Sessions
George Van Smoot (The Captain)Natural History
Jerome WhitakerLegendaddy
Genevieve ScherbatskyVesuvius
CharacterActorEpisode (1st appearance)
AmyWait For It
HimselfBad Crazy
Naomi (The Slutty Pumpkin)The Slutty Pumpkin Returns
Chuck GerusiP.S. I Love You
'Jed Mosley'The Wedding Bride
Carly WhitakerRing Up
HimselfP.S. I Love You
Jeanette PetersonP.S. I Love You
Movie StellaThe Wedding Bride
Lily's Smoking VoiceLast Cigarette Ever
TrudyThe Pineapple Incident
HerselfP.S. I Love You
Trey PlattLast Words
Dr. SonyaThe Stinson Missile Crisis
DaphneThe Locket
HamishNo Questions Asked
GaelWait For It
HimselfSubway Wars
HimselfP.S. I Love You
AnitaOf Course
PenelopeCome On
HoneyOh Honey
Jeff CoatsworthI'm Not That Guy
Gary BlaumanLife Among the Gorillas

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