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Can you name the details about Harmony from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'?

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Forced Order
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Full name
Portrayed by (actor)
First appearance (episode)
An episode named after her
Sired on this day
Boyfriend on 'Buffy' seasons 4-5
Her nickname for him
However, he loves this disease more than her
Favourite animal
Best friend in high school
Lorne's nickname for her
Sings this song at Caritas
Cordelia temporarily believes her to be a
Works for this law firm
Secretary to this character
Selected for that job by this character
Goes out for drinks with this colleague
Kidnaps this Scooby
Buffy finds it amusing that Harmony has these
Cordelia compares her to this animal
Refers to this character as 'Morticia'
Unwittingly makes an enemy with this vampire colleague
Wakes up with this man dead in her bed
Betrays Angel to this character

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