Doctor Who Items

Can you name the items from Doctor Who?

Used to see 'void stuff'Doomsday
A red coloured liquid used to clog machinery or gearsThe Girl in the Fireplace
Mobile phone satellite networkThe Sound of Drums
Used to predict the weatherArmy of Ghosts
Contain forbidden knowledge from the Dark Time of GallifreyThe Five Doctors
An item intended to screen the wearer from certain kinds of detectionThe Runaway Bride
A Time Lord antidote to many poisons; the 5th Doctor keeps it handyThe Caves of Androzani
Rewrites biologyHuman Nature
A component of a TARDIS which allows it to change shape to match its surroundings and remain inconspicuousAn Unearthly Child
The material out of which Dalek casing is madeThe Dalek Invasion of Earth
Type of locking mechanism that a sonic device cannot openBad Wolf
A Time Lord weapon that can remove its target from space-time altogetherThe Invasion of Time
A device used to disintegrate clothingBad Wolf
An artificially created black hole made by Omega, used by the Time Lords as a power source for time travelThe Deadly Assassin
Used to determine the presence, magnitude and direction of gravity in a given areaThe Ark in Space
Used to store the memories and biology of a Time Lord; engraved with Gallifreyan symbolsHuman Nature
A prison ship created by the Time Lords to store millions of captured DaleksDoomsday
Small ball that illuminates and floats when thrown in the airThe Time of Angels
Used by Dr River Song to confuse guardsThe Time of Angels
Ancient particles from the Dark TimesThe Runaway Bride
Cylindrical memory bankThe Next Doctor
Poisonous weapon of the Sevateem, used by LeelaThe Face of Evil
The Doctor's favourite candyThe Dominators
Diary kept by the 10th Doctor's human persona, John SmithHuman Nature
A Gallifreyan artefact that allows access to the Matrix, the repository of all Time Lord knowledgeThe Ultimate Foe
Diamond owned by Prince Albert and Queen VictoriaTooth and Claw
Powerful and mythic artefact which the Guardians of Time used to maintain control over universal order and chaosThe Ribos Operation
Weapon that can kill with a directed laser beam or artificially age a targetThe Sound of Drums
Negates the weight of items to which it is attachedArmy of Ghosts
A supercomputer used by the High Council of the Time Lords as a storehouse of knowledge and to predict future eventsThe Deadly Assassin
Chula nanotechnology which can heal damaged tissueThe Empty Child
An explosive substance created by AceDragonfire
Allows communication through anything with a speaker grilleThe Doctor Dances
Priming device controlled by UNIT for a series of 25 nuclear warheads placed beneath the Earth's crust at strategic pointsStolen Earth
Device built by the Master to prevent temporal consequencesThe Sound of Drums
Telepathic effect that misdirects the senses around itself or the person using itThe Sound of Drums
Allows the holder to show people whatever he wants them to seeThe End of the World
Device created by the Daleks to disrupt the electrical bond between all atoms in every form of matterJourney's End
A component of TARDIS circuitry that bridges between the outerplasmic shell and the internal space of the ship's interiorThe Armegeddon Factor
Spiralling insignia that serves as a logo for the Time LordsThe Five Doctors
A handheld weapon from the 51st century, produced in the weapon factories of Villengard, that can disintegrate as well as reintegrate its targetsThe Doctor Dances
The Doctor's main tool and defensive weapon; it doesn't work on woodFury from the Deep
The Doctor's shipAn Unearthly Child
Small time-travelling device worn on wrist or fingerGenesis of the Daleks
A detector of temporal disturbances; 'goes ding when there's stuff'Blink
The Master's trademark weapon; drastically shrinks bodies until life functions ceaseThe Keeper of Traken
A device which disperses matter, transmits it to and then reconstitutes it in another locationThe Seeds of Death
'A pan-dimensional surfboard'Boom Town
An ore used primarily in computers and as spaceship fuelThe Curse of Peladon
A gap in the fabric of reality that allows one to look directly into the Time VortexThe Sound of Drums
A more primitive form a time-travel technology; a 'space hopper'The Empty Child
Highly explosive device inside a carbonised shellJourney's End
A perfect uncut diamond only found on GallifreyThe End of Time

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