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Can you name the entire list of characters, O-Q, mentioned in the Harry Potter series?

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First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 6Wizard about whom a song was written
Book 6Employee of Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Book 5Former member of Wizengamot
BookFormer Hogwarts gamekeeper
Book 1Wand maker
Book 1Famous alchemist
Book 1Slytherin student
Book 1Ravenclaw student
Book 1Gryfffindor student
Book 1Mrs. Figg's cat
Book 4Muggle campground manager
Book 6Gryffindor Beater
Book 4Obliviator for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad
Book 1Poltergeist
Book 6Wizard who goes missing
Book 2Employee of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
Book 1Hogwarts student
Book 3Death Eater
Book 7Original owner of the Elder Wand
Book 7Original owner of the Resurrection Stone
Book 7Original owner of the Cloak of Invisibility
Book 6Wizard on the receiving end of a Probity Probe at Gringotts
Book 1Hogwarts librarian
Book 5Member of Order of the Phoenix
Book 4Durmstrang student
Book 1Member of Dudley's gang
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 3Ron's owl
Book 1Hogwarts nurse
Book 4Placed a bet with Ludo Bagman
Book 1Member of original Order of the Phoenix
Book 1Member of original Order of the Phoenix
Book 1The Boy Who Lived
Book 7Son of above
Book 7Brother of above
Book 7Sister of above
Book 3Driver of Knight Bus
Book 5Muggle neighbour of the Dursleys
Book 5Member of original Order of the Phoenix
Book 5Member of original Order of the Phoenix
Book 4Former Hogwarts caretaker
Book 4Slytherin student
Book 2Kwikspell correspondent
Book 6Auror
Book 1Famous wizard
Book 1Slytherin Chaser
Book 5Owner of tea shop in Hogsmeade
Book 5Claimed that Stubby Boardman and Sirius Black were the same person
Book 1Trainee Healer at St. Mungo's
Book 4Beater for Irish National Quidditch team
Book 4Ravenclaw student
Book 1Hogwarts teacher

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