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Can you name the entire list of characters, M-N, mentioned in the Harry Potter series?

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First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 7Classmate of Lily Evans
Book 1Ravenclaw student
Book 1Hufflepuff student
Book 3Death Eater
Book 4Hufflepuff student
Book 5Centaur
Book 1Member of Dudley's gang
Book 2Death Eater
Book 6Father of above
Book 1Slytherin Seeker
Book 7Son of above
Book 4Pureblood witch
Book 1Owner of robes shop in Diagon Alley
Book 5Head of Wizarding Examinations Authority
Book 7Guard at Gringotts bank
Book 3Passenger on the Knight Bus
Book 6Employee at Tom Riddle's orphanage
Book 2Muggle acquaintence of Mr. Dursley
Book 2Wife of above
Book 4Headmistress of Beauxbatons
Book 4Gryffindor student
Book 1Hogwarts teacher
Book 1Muggle weatherman
Book 4Member of original Order of the Phoenix
Book 6Gryffindor student
Book 5Member of original Order of the Phoenix
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 5A cousin of Sirius Black
Book 2Hogwarts teacher during Tom Riddle's time
Book 4Hogwarts student
Book 1Ghost
Book 4Former Head of Goblin Liaison Office
Book 3Slytherin Chaser
Book 4Member of Order of the Phoenix
Book 1Hogwarts student
Book 4Chaser for Irish National Quidditch team
Book 2Wizard who kept ferrets
Book 2Acromantula
Book 4Chairwizard of the International Association of Quidditch
Book 6Classmate of Tom Riddle
Book 4Death Eater
Book 4Chaser for Irish National Quidditch team
Book 5Watchwizard at Ministry of Magic
Book 4Mermaid
Book 6Weasleys' great aunt
Book 2Ghost
Book 4Voldemort's snake
Book 2Witch who gave testimonial on Kwikspell
Book 1Dragon
Book 1Filch's cat
Book 4Death Eater
Book 4Slytherin student

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