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Can you name the entire list of characters, H-L, mentioned in the Harry Potter series?

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First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 1Hogwarts teacher
Book 6Former student of Horace Slughorn
Book 6Slytherin Chaser
Book 5Original owner of toads stolen by Mundungus Fletcher
Book 1Harry's owl
Book 1Percy's owl
Book 6Hunting partner of McLaggen's uncle
Book 1Slytherin Seeker
Book 6House-elf
Book 1Hogwarts teacher
Book 5Gryffindor student
Book 2Employee of Improper Use of Magic Office
Book 2Classmate of Moaning Myrtle
Book 1Co-founder of Hogwarts
Book 4Chaser for Bulgarian National Quidditch team
Book 4Beater for Chudley Cannons
Book 1Author of Magical Draughts and Potions
Book 1Gryffindor Chaser
Book 6Captain of Holyhead Harpies
Book 5Member of Order of Phoenix
Book 1Gryffindor student
Book 4Employee of Department of Magical Games and Sports
Book 5Death Eater
Book 4Headmaster of Durmstrang
Book 5Giant
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 3Hogwarts teacher
Book 4Toddler who blew up a slug at the Quidditch World Cup
Book 5Gryfffindor Beater
Book 5House-elf
Book 4Seeker for Bulgarian National Quidditch team
Book 7Cousin of Great Aunt Muriel
Book 6Hogwarts student
Book 6Classmate of Tom Riddle
Book 4Death Eater
Book 4Death Eater
Book 4Death Eater
Book 4Chaser for Bulgarian National Quidditch team
Book 7One-time owner of the Elder Wand
Book 5Quidditch player for Caerphilly Catapults
Book 2Author of Magical Me
Book 4Auror
Book 4Auror
Book 1Mother of above
Book 1Gryffindor student
Book 7One-time owner of the Elder Wand
Book 5Ravenclaw student
Book 4Editor-in-chief of the Quibbler
Book 3Member of Order of the Phoenix
Book 7Son of above
Book 4Seeker for Irish National Quidditch team

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