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Can you name the entire list of characters, C-D, mentioned in the Harry Potter series?

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First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 3Portrait
Book 6Hufflepuff Chaser
Book 5Ravenclaaw student
Book 6Death Eater
Book 6Death Eater
Book 2Author of Charm Your Own Cheese
Book 7Employee of Magical Maintenance for Ministry of Magic
Book 7Wife to above
Book 7Daughter to above
Book 7Sister to above
Book 7Brother to above
Book 4Hufflepuff student
Book 5Ravenclaw Chaser
Book 3Ravenclaw Seeker
Book 6Muggle Junior Minister
Book 6Girlfriend of Tom Riddle Sr.
Book 1Ancient Greek witch
Book 2Ravenclaw student
Book 6Matron of Tom Riddle's orphanage
Book 4Beater for Ireland national Quidditch team
Book 6Gryffindor Beater
Book 5Ravenclaw student
Book 4Death Eater
Book 1Slytherin student
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 2Gryffindor student
Book 4Gryffindor student
Book 6Head of Goblin Liaiason Office
Book 4Unspeakable
Book 1Witch Harry meets in the Leaky Cauldron
Book 3Hermione's cat
Book 4Head of Department of International Magical Cooperation
Book 4Death Eater
Book 6Editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet
Book 6Founder of the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers
Book 3Ravenclaw Chaser
Book 5Auror
Book 5Member of original Order of the Phoenix
Book 4Beauxbatons student
Book 4Sister of above
Book 7Mother of above
Book 7Husband of above
Book 2Ghost
Book 1Member of Dudley's gang
Book 3Slytherin Beater
Book 5Headmistress of Hogwarts
Book 7One-time owner of the Elder Wand
Book 1Member of Order of the Phoenix
Book 4Employee of Department for the Regulation and Control Creatures
First MentionCharacter NameHint
Book 3Hufflepuff Seeker
Book 4Mother of above
Book 7Wizard interviewed by Rita Skeeter
Book 4Chaser for Bulgarian national Quidditch team
Book 5Hogwarts student
Book 2Headmaster of Hogwarts
Book 4Hogwarts student
Book 2House-elf
Book 5Member of Order of Phoenix
Book 4Death Eater
Book 5Muggle reporter
Book 4Muggle resident of Little Hangleton
Book 4Barman of Hog's Head
Book 1Headmaster of Hogwarts
Book 7Father to above
Book 7Wife to above
Book 7Daughter to above
Book 1Harry's cousin
Book 1Harry's aunt
Book 1Harry's uncle
Book 1Sister to above
Book 6Inventor of Wolfsbane Potion

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